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Minecraft Pocket Edition Upcoming Features


Option to generate Caves and Tall Grass Show

Option to select World Size Show

Superflat Worlds Show

Switch Gamemode Option (Postponed) Show

Create a copy of an existing world Show

Villagers Show

Mooshrooms Show

Wolves Show

Endermen Show

Slimes Show

Silverfish Show

Converting Finite Worlds to Infinite Show

PC World Generation Show

Villages Show

Caves Show

Lava Pools Show

Rivers Show

Mineshafts Show

Strongholds Show

End Portal Show

Huge Mushrooms Show

Ravines (Possibly) Show

Jungle Trees Show

Dark Oak Trees Show

Acacia Trees Show

Pumpkins Show

Tall Grass Show

Dead Shrubs Show

Ferns Show

All PC Biomes Show

Jungle Show

Mesa Show

Plains Show

Roofed Forests Show

Savannah Show

Taiga Show

Extreme Hills Show

Mushroom Islands Show

Eye of Ender Show

Monster Spawners Show

Hardened Clay Show

Stained Clay Show

Red Sand Show

Mycelium Show

Huge Mushrooms Show

Podzol Show

Packed Ice Show

Granite and Polished Granite Show

Andesite and Polished Andesite Show

Diorite and Polished Diorite Show

Acacia Wood/Planks/Slabs/Stairs Show

Dark Oak Wood/Planks/Slabs/Stairs Show

Jungle Sapling Show

AcaciaSapling Show

Dark Oak Sapling Show

New Flowers Show

Vines Show

Lily Pads Show

Cocoa Show

Double Tall Grass Show

Large Fern Show

Endstone Show

Taming Show

Water and Lava Particles Show

New ways to obtain Nether-related items Show

Beds will not restore health Show

Improved Mob AI System Show

Biome Tinted Blocks Show

New Crafting Screen Show

New Create World Screen Show

Option to Toggle Gamemode (postponed) Show

Spiders Spawn from Leaves Show

Android Immersive Mode Show



Realms Returns Show

The Far Biome Show





…..Still being worked on.