How to Add External Servers to MCPE


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In the 0.7.4 release, Minecraft: PE introduced external server listing.

First step

Open Minecraft: PE, and on the Main Screen, tap Play.

Second step

Tap the Edit button, on the top right corner.

Third step

A new button will appear. Tap External. It is next to the Edit button.

Fourth step

A new window will appear to add the server details. You will have to type all the details, theServer Name (can be anything), the Address (external IP or domain of the server), and the Port (defaults to 19132).

After you have done this, tap the “Add Server” button on the right.

Play on the server!

The server will be shown on the top of the Play list. To join the server, tap the slot.

Tutorial courtesy of Shoghi Cervantes

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  • redchapmc

    First, and i like your tutorials man u earn a like

  • jayquelling


  • jayquelling


  • LOVE12345


  • kixhd

    Awesome tutorial! I was really having trouble finding out how to do so! :D

  • robinandbatmanmcpe123


  • depstuptwilight

    HEY this is not helpful I added one but cant join you cant make this off with your dignity

    • pokemariosonic

      Same here

  • Spikeplaysmcpe


  • billydilly

    Nice Tutorial

  • billydilly

    I Alteady Know It Though :)

  • firecreepertnt

    thanks a lot :) know i can play LifeBoat Survival Games

    • Skygirl748

      Um fire creeper how do you get on the server of survival games?

  • Melanie

    This doesn’t work :(

    On me ;(

  • Izzyisbeast256

    It says to register wat does that mean

  • aatu-johnson

    I have a Samsung s4 with unlimitrd data & 21mb speed.
    I have followed the help but i still get message “cant connect”.
    Guys, please tell me what i’m doing wrong.
    Greets Aatu

  • Luckyluke05

    Mine says: Can’t Connect.
    When i made it


    Your tutorial works perfectly.

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