Veristicraft© PE [0.16.X (1.0.0 soon)] Realistic

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Tim: In my Recrource pack I have the aspect of HD realisim while trying to stay in touch with the traditional Minecraft look. I spend as much time as I can creating this pack for my self and the community to use to thier leisure. I plan to have many updates in the future and need to have feedback from users! Please, don’t be afraid to tell me what block you think needs updating or changing in the comments.

If you would like to help support the development, and the work done to the pack, please donate at the PayPal link below.


Special thanks to PonzooSaus for reviewing my resourcepack, she reviews many resourcepacks and this what ever artist dreams to happen. It helps the artist get more feedback from the community on what they do or do not like in the pack. 
Here is a link to her YouTube channel: PonzooSaus

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I'm good, but I'm bad. I'm a MCPE textures and mods creator. Don't stole my own work.
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    • Marvin Dittel

      I would love to try this tp out, it does look pretty good on the Screenshots but it crashs my minecraft evsrytime i tty to use it