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Greetings fellow falcons this is BakerFalcons that is bringing you another texture pack and this time it’s a Star Wars texture pack!!!

So if you like it please leave a like or comment below.

And one more thing if there are any errors that you may notice like missing texture, and other stuff please tell me in the comments I will try to fix it when I have the time to do it.

So if you like it leave a like or comment below.


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    • minecraftlover51

      Can you put a different download because it says that the accout file has been violated

      • BakerFalcons

        Will do

      • BakerFalcons

        I fixed it I think

    • LuisMCPE

      Please put another download link

      • BakerFalcons

        Yes sir

      • BakerFalcons

        I fixed it I hope

    • jdkejdhd

      Add me my name is kejdhd

    • TronTheMiner

      How do i use the texture packs 0.o

    • TronTheMiner

      Im a newbie

    • crowjedi

      Baker falcon can you add lightsaber and blaster