[RuptureCraft 2.0 BETA] [Oddworld Based Industrial Texture-pack]

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Hey there! Here is TheOddgamer98! And in this Thread i present you: RuptureCraft Beta! A brand New Texure-Pack based on the old PS one Game: Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee! This Pack is in a Industrial Theme, so it could be handy in Factory Maps or whatever! Oh, and its recommed to use it in Creative Mode, becauss its not fully optimazed for Survival. Because its still a Beta, there are some things missing like some blocks, Items and other. So i am recommening that you Bookmark this Thread or follow to get updates of the Pack. I work on it so fast and much i can! CURRENT STATUS: 2.0 BETA In case you like the Textre-pack, please leave a Like :)

    • DroiidGamerPro

      I give him permission to review your texture all credits will be for you

      • TheOddgamer98

        Feel free to review :)

        Just give Credits and all will be fine bro

    • Stephen Deñelle

      Can I make a review I’ll give credits

      • TheOddgamer98

        Sure :)

    • Zephos42

      Brilliant, my new favourite texture!

      • TheOddgamer98

        Glad you like it :)

    • xXChzboyXx

      Link is broken for me…

      • TheOddgamer98

        Fixed now :)

        • xXChzboyXx

          K thanks dude

          • TheOddgamer98

            Your welcome

    • Ss

      where i need to put the files?

    • GamerMav

      My first favorite texture lacks

    • CraftedPotato

      Best texture!!!!

    • Leo doe

      How do you use it

    • Leo doe

      It only says cant open file