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============————–RealiTyRevolX Shader Mod V1.2————-==============

Please Read Before Download ( Important ! )

Change Log V1.3 : More :

1.Glowing Light

2.Better World Light

3.Realistic Water And Night Back Reflection

4.Automatic Shadow Gone When Near Light

5.Optimized Light Source From Sun

6.Natural Color Light Increase

7.Auto Switch OpenGL ES ( BETA FEATURE )

8.You Can Find More :)

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More Info :

1.Sorry For Some Shadow BUG ( I Can’t Fix It )

2.Renderchunck.fragment Contain T.R.X SOURCE so if you want the source, make sure you CONTACT ME first ( IN Email Or Twitter )

3.Don’t use brightness slider if not very useful

4.Support Me On Twitter :)

5.If you want add ported texure pack make sure you add ( T.R.X Certificate.enid.TXT ) to you ported texure pack


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    • MinecraftFan Timothy

      First to download XD!

    • Shawn Wilmer Calzado



      use OPENGL 2.0

    • Nintendragon U

      Epic over 9000 !!! thank you verry much all looks soooo nice!!

    • Nintendragon U

      Can you try to add in next Version that thing with glowing torch when i holding it in my hand?

      • T.R.X

        hmm just use dynamic light mcpe :)

        • Nintendragon U

          ok… but can you add shadows on entities? example a cow

          • T.R.X

            sorry that bug remove some shadow feature :(
            I will fix it in next update

        • munkees187

          Hey this texture pack wont work can you fix it?

      • munkees187

        There is a shaders mod on the mods where you hold a torch and it lights up

    • Herobrine3.0

      Sand is so brightnes, faces of mobs is so brightnes in the day-time and top of mobs so black. Please, fix it.

      • T.R.X

        I will fix it in next update :)

    • Herobrine3.0

      Example here

      • T.R.X

        I will fix that in next update :)

      • MinecraftFan Timothy

        Try putting brightnes down. This TP is awesome and works great for me

    • IronixTheMightyJr

      My Kindle not supported for 64 x 64. Can you make it 16 x 16 ?

    • IronixTheMightyJr

      Please….I want to try ur awesome shaders

    • IronixTheMightyJr

      My Kindle not supported for 64 x 64. Can you make it 16 x 16

    • Nintendragon U

      Can you add waves to lava and jungle leaves? they still dont move…
      and there is a bug. i don’t see the damage bar of tools. please fix that.

      • T.R.X

        lava not waves in real life and will be lag if I add waves to jungle leaves and that bug will be update in next update

        • Nintendragon U

          how cares waves on lava would look be nice :D

    • Shiroe

      How to download it where to click? Im an android user.

    • Shiroe

      Been clicking that download but nothing happened..

      • T.R.X

        use different browser or use pc browser
        ( link work here ) :)

    • munkees187

      This texture is not working help me!!!!!!

    • Herobrine3.0

      When you do the next update?

    • treypop

      I really enjoy the lighter water in v1.2 and really enjoy the glowing lights in v1.3 could u make a texture pack with lighter water and the glowing lights

    • Hanief Fauzan

      Found a bug, Signs and villager’s head is visible through water

    • ethancoleman2

      I download it, but when I click it on BlockLauncher, it doesn’t show up the shader in my world. How am I able to actually use it?

    • FakerFaker

      Sir can you put player shadow on your shader it will be beautiful.thx

    • brayden

      Can u fix it, it doesn’t wanna work on my minecraft 0.11.1 and I really want it too, it looks so awesome