Nostalgia-Craft 0.16.x [Alpha textures and more!]

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If you love or miss the old, classic feel of Minecraft or if you are just a nostalgic person, this pack is for you!

Most textures and sounds that came from old Minecraft alpha (2010) are here!


Grass, Stone, Cobblestone, leaves, and more!

The sounds are also included, thanks to the sounds.json file!

Short Q&A

Q: Which way do I install it?

A: On android, go to files -> download, find it, unzip it -> exit out and go to “games” directory -> resource packs and move it there!

Q: Where’s the sounds and the water is broke? LIAR!!!!

A: Woah! Calm down, try to go to game settings and use the pack as global resource pack, not at the world settings.


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