Dragon Dance for 0.8.x

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[quote name=’Steelfeathers’ timestamp=’1374462073′ post=’23505166′]
And sure, I have no problem with you posted a ported version. Just be sure to credit me for the pack and link back here. Oh, and no money-making links, but that should go without saying.[/quote]

Terms of use:

This work is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

It means that you are NOT allowed to

-Rename the texture pack
-Put your name in the pack
-Use it for commercial purposes
-Share it without a link to the original sources
-Upload it to your own hosting account

However you are allowed to

-Make reviews
-Share the links of the original sources
-Change the pack only for personal use

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    • oogabooga

      Looks cool…

    • LionGold0919

      hi i will make a video of this texture i can? i put this link in the video :)

    • Kerry Jones

      My mcpe doesn’t read items-opaque.tga correctly.
      Its stuck on 16×16 item textures.
      Though most of the Terrain-atlas.tga textures are correct, a lot don’t work.
      Is there a way to fix this, or is it the coding?

    • Minecraftgeeks10

      The texture park looks awesome

    • Guest

      Good work my house look better now. Ty a lot <3

      • Robert

        can you teach me how to apply the texture please

    • Angel Joel

      My house looks much better now. Ty a lot

      • Robert

        Can you teach me how to apply this texture please

    • Jesus Guadalupe Rodriguez

      you give me permission to upload your texture to my youtube channel? I will give all the credits :)

    • Robert

      can anyone teach me how to put this on please

    • Sidian

      Awesome texture pack! It’s very clean! Very good port with few bugs too :).

      I reviewed it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J02XHD-RH4

    • WitherSkull2

      I Like this texture pack I’m use it every time I play minecarft ( Pe of course)