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This realms is really awsome  and best rides ever

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I am a pro
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    • Truegaming14

      I wanna join.My username is : Truegaming14 , with capital t
      I am a good builder and I will not griefing
      Hope you add me

    • poddlelover258

      Pleas add me im a good builder my user is poddlelover258

    • felipe5421

      Please add me felipe5421

    • Syafiq

      Plss add me TSMSyafiq

    • budder_is_BEAST6

      Plz add me if I do something wrong or bad u can ban me my user name is budder_is_BEAST plz add me plus I’m a really good builder.

    • ryan

      Add me please

    • miguelin

      Hey Add Me IGN:miguelin

      No CaPs, Plus, Im A Good Bulider.Here,A Screenshot

    • miguelin


    • DicherTheBest

      Add me DicherTheBest

    • Msh04

      Add me my IGN is Msh04

    • Guest

      Add me my IGN is Msh04
      Is MCPE universe glitching

    • Awsomegamer12332

      I’m nice I would love to be in a realms server plz add me my username:Awsomegamer12332

    • fsasser20

      I’m new at minecraft and have never joined a server, please add me, I’m not a good builder but I follow directions. My mine craft name is fsasser20. Please add me!

    • poddlelover258

      Can I jion my user or tag is : poddlelover258

    • Hispanikmex14

      Add me please i really want to be in a realms server!

    • bmxtheawesome

      Add me plz ign: BMXtheAWESOME

    • bmxtheawesome

      Add me ign BMXtheAWESOME

    • Striker209MPE

      Please add me: Striker209_MPE

    • cpgus485

      If you add me, I will not grief or steal or do anything bad my IGN: cpgus485 please add me, I have no realms:(

    • sean

      hey can i join my ingame name is Deadbeast11132

    • Dvt1700

      Add me
      IGN: Dvt1700

    • robsaboss

      how can I join

    • robsaboss


    • MCPE

      Add me plz

    • smashBros.master

      Addd me my ign: yuyi3950 please add me

    • mcer4life


    • angie

      Can u plea invite me my username is opsyman

    • angie

      It would mean everything if u did

    • gabe

      May i please join? I follow all rules and i NEVER GRIEF. My mcpe name is gabe1234climber

    • gabe

      I am good at building to and i know how to restore destroyed stuff because i can kinda program i am to only use it for good

    • Eason Tan

      Please add me my name is HeatToFrost22

    • Potposie123

      Add me Username TheAlanticCraft

    • Ljthebest

      May I please be whitelisted. If you say My IGN is:LJTHEBEST1 if that doesn’t work try it in all lower case

    • tanner

      And me plz I wont grief or do nothing except have fun my name is mvpmc

    • conkergamer77

      Please add me I’ve never been I 1 realms server IGN:ConkerGamer77 ore conkergaymee :)

    • legomite

      I would be happy if you added me. My IGN is Creeperthrust and is a very trustworthy player. I own a 24/7 pvp server on pocketmine. I have beefed OPPED on several servers and I am a great architect. Please take my request under consideration :)

    • Amoia5

      Can u add me I’m a YouTuber. :)

      If I violate any rules feel free to ban me; I have never done anything bad to a server before, and I host a pocketmine server myself

      ign: Enchanted0519

    • steav

      Add me I’m the best mine craft player and I have 0.9.0?

    • steav

      And I never get gliches

    • John Adams

      Can u add me my nick in mcpe is Dawninglegacy