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I'm a ffreindly English youtuber who does MCPE and other ios games! :)
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    • sirpicka

      Can You Please Add me :) IGN: SirPicka

    • lambinabush

      can you add me plz my mcpe name is lambinabush

    • toxictaco1998

      add me pleas im Toxictaco1998

    • pewdiepiebro

      Can you add me my name is papa acachala

    • http://- FrostYGnaW

      Whitelist me please! IGN: FrostYGnaW

    • dzonyfox

      Whitelist me please!IGN: dzonyfox

    • Freezman77

      Please can you add me freezeman77

    • ImAveRage

      Would like to play on the server can you whitelist me? IGN: ImAveRage

    • vip3rkingmcpe

      Add me please: Vip3r_King

    • taylormoney8

      TaylorMoney8 plz

    • dash220

      Can u please add me? My username is Dash220

    • lloydsoxgarmadon

      Add me im lloydsoxgarmadon

    • zyga01

      Add me 01zyga

    • jaydensixx

      Please add me Jayden_Sixx

    • monkeeman

      Add me. Username: monkeeman

    • knightowind

      Plz add me IGN: knightOwind

    • sjesus682gmail-com

      Plz pick me my mcpe user is troller12345die haven’t been in a realms sever

    • rhodes

      Can u add me im AnRhodes

    • lordalex67

      Add me lordalex67

    • icrafting

      Plz Add me iCrafting777

    • ryukishin-86

      Plz add ryukishin86

    • bradly1345

      plz add me im Bradly1345

    • jmgaming007

      Can you add me please its JMgaming007

    • jason

      Can u add me dragonborn

    • mrswiftysoldier

      Please add me: MrSwiftySoldier
      And check me out at

    • gamedroid10

      Can you please add me GameDroid10

    • Kobe Flores

      Can u add me im Xxpackers7xX

    • threegale

      Can you add me plz username is : Hipersleper

    • ormc

      CAN YOU PLS ADD ME USERNAME oscarll110

    • LapisLazuli696

      Can you please add me i am a good builder my ign is LapisLazuli696

    • qayyim80

      Add me ing qayyim80 :)

    • qayyim80

      Add me my ing:qayyim80 :)

    • buddereater5

      Can u add me plz im buddereater5

    • witherguy321

      add me WitherGuy321

    • threegale

      Can you please add me : Hipersleper

    • satisak

      add me I am Herobrine

    • crismc24

      Add me crismc24 :)

    • Rasmus Raudvere

      Plzz add me RassuBoy_Pro

    • porkyswag

      add me plz my IGN is PorkySwag

    • evilenderman28

      Plzz add me EvilEnderman28

    • bedxthief


    • Thekker3b

      Pls invite me to this realm

    • Runningracer

      Add me please IGN:Runningracer

    • creeper10123

      add me plez IGN:xCreeper10123x

    • canadianbannana

      Add me username: Canadian_Banana

    • theranger101

      Hi, it would be awesome if you let me join, my username in TheRanger576

    • Rjtheboycp

      can you add me ign : Rjtheboycp

    • cutiepink

      Add me I’m CutiePink

    • can i join im: DEV_Etho i wont grief! i swear!

    • craftedminer

      Can you add me please? I’m NOT a griefer, a great modern builder, and I love to use details. My username is: Crafted_Miner

    • dkkong122

      can you add me sharing items as i do with my friends and i NEVER grief if you add me id be pleased

    • brandonbaker3502gmail-com

      Can you add me I never grief so can you add me plese:-)

    • brandonbaker3502gmail-com

      My name is awesomegamer3502

    • pmc21

      Add me pmc21

    • totalchaos23

      Can I join my ign is xXchaosXx23

    • wmikhailwify

      Add me wmikhailwify

    • johnmatt

      Please add me IGN johnmatt2019

    • zero9486

      Please add me Zero9486

    • Thewolfeleven

      Hey can you whitelist me? Thewolfeleven

    • rcyzu05

      Add me RCYZu05

    • modernterminater

      Plz add me I dont grief I could help u with resources I dont steal or cheat and I could help with community builds my tag is modernterminater

    • modernterminater

      Plz add me I dont grief or steal I could help with community builds my tag is , modernterminater

    • getset009

      Please join me in Ign: bolt135

    • getset009

      And I don’t grief or hack

    • skyyreactor

      Add me please ! SkyyReactor

    • agoncz

      can u add me please? :) my name is agoncz :)

    • redztoneviperz99

      Can u add me plz im a great person for pvp and resorce finding…
      My name is RedztoneViperz99

    • anthonyw12

      can you add me please anthonyw_12 and im a really good miner

    • badboy11

      Can you add me in please Badboy11

    • captaindss

      please add me my name is captaindss I will be a good person

    • boondocker1258

      I dont want to be like the rest of these people but i just want to be on a server so u can add me if u want but if u dont i will understand my name is CODE_ZERO1258 Thanks for reading

    • Reaperking

      Plz whitelist me my name is Death_Delgado plz

    • crash1947x

      add me to ur realm im : Crash1947x

    • fippy98

      Can you add me pls?? My name is “Fippy98″

    • mrbuntustick

      can u plz add me my name is the same as my username

    • Apple99er

      Please add me… My user name: apple99er

      Thank u

    • Apple99er

      Pleaassee add me

    • littleHunterMC

      My name is like my username and if you can.add me

    • nelmsbaby

      Can you please add me to your realm? I love the idea of having a community/colony! Username: nelmsbaby69xxx

    • jecklen

      Can you add me plz my name is Jecklen

    • Zachary

      Can you please whitelist me? My username is ZacharyBudderMan

    • danielissocool

      Can I please be whitelisted, my name is DanielisSoCool

    • pimpdaddyjoshh

      Add me and I promise you tbat youll appreciate my help towards the server my username is PimpDaddyJoshh

    • max26639

      add me i am max26639

    • redwolf47

      Can you add me me name is redwolf4700

    • michael rivas

      please ad me realms name is kush09

    • soccermine945

      Can you plz add me my ign is soccermine945 plzzzzzzzzzz addd me

    • Dj_iz

      Iam a really good builder and gatherervof recourcess please add memy name is Dj_iz

    • jakehr

      I’m a recruit for the skyarmy my MCPE name is Maori Ninja

    • jakehr
    • jakehr

      My MPCE Universe name is jakehr

    • lucasb-276

      Can you please add me,my username is LUCASB276

    • Kakadonny

      Please please please please let Mae join I’ll be so happy if you let me. PLEASE My name kakadonny thanks if you read and accept this if you read it thanks as well .

    • Liliene

      Plz add me!Usename:brodilox29

    • mlea

      Please add me, my username is:


      I play loads and love building cool new stuff so I would like to join your community project

    • mining-panda

      Add me plz Nuclear_panda1

    • rainbow9293


    • rainbow9293

      also i updated minecraft and ever since i cant join realms.. D;

    • Noe Noemaravilla

      Can you add me my name is karkat123

    • Caleb

      Please add me :) My username is Ctlankford11

    • clan11

      plz whitelist

    • clan11

      my mcpe name is

    • clan11


    • davrla

      Please add me davrla41

    • tox1k-ghost

      Can you add me please? My username is:ToX1k_GhOsT

    • Valentino

      Add me plz.Nickname:Valentino2617

    • agent-minecraft

      add me nickame:steve01

    • legodoesmc123

      Plz add legoman14334?

    • mcfatty12345tb

      can I be whitelisted?

    • redscout

      My in game name is redscout101

    • YummLP

      Pls add me

    • redsidev98

      Add me please minecraft name:Red_Side_V98

    • hcritchley

      Add hcritchley

    • Ninja

      Add superman180000

    • Themcpegamer

      Hey would you plz add me I don’t grief or build without permission. If u accept me plz add me username is : Themcpegamer. It has a capital T don’t forgot thnx

    • Gen.McCoy26

      Reason why u should add me to ur sever is that I don’t grife because I’m already on someone’s server. I can really help in building or gathering supplies for building and surviving. I don’t griff I always follow the rules and won’t troll anyone. So please fill free to add me it will really be nice if I’m on another server. User name: Gen_McCoy26

    • crackshell

      please invite me my in game username is Crack_Shell. please please please invite me

    • Ninja

      Add me i am a nice person I am a good bulider I will share my ign is Superman180000

    • FrostBite97

      Hey add me to your server :) FrostBite_97 I’m quick in building and always have a big plans for towns and village area and I’m also friendly to people

    • LegitMCevan

      Add my plz means a lot I’m MC_Finest_Evan

    • http://Mcpeuniverse DaOcolot

      Can u whitelist meh? Ign:DaOcolot

    • MattTheMiner

      Please add me my name is miner1769

    • Badscore


    • XxLil-WillisxX

      I’d love you forever if you added me to your server. My name is ScoobaSteve911


      Can you PLZ add me MADMINECRAFT333 and my Bro Crazykid998


      add me pls GianniPlay

    • In Benja We Trust


    • Mushroom

      I’d love to join my McPe name is ObviousTurtle . Thank you for considering me

    • 1tyger11

      Add me plz. McPe name is 1tyger1 ^_^

    • MrMischief97

      Hello. My name is MrMischief97. If you add me to this server, it would make my day. I love the multiplayer experience of playing on external servers, however, there is no whitelist, so players are not nessasarily forced to oblige to the rules. This results in griefing, spmming, and killing. I’ve always wanted to play on a server free of all these aspects, and Eealms is the only path I’ve seen to take. However, as stated, Realms requires a whitelist, so you need to put in an ‘application form’ to the admin, otherwise they won’t even know that you exist. From there you may be chosen to be allowed to join the sever. I’ve never had such luck. If you whotelist me on this server, I’ll help to build a village or a town. I have so many good ideas for servers, but I can never implement them due to griefing. Please whitelist me. It’ll make me so much happier.

      Name: Christian Fuller
      Username: MrMischief97
      E-mail: [email protected]