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No griefing, no trolling. And no raiding. The first 7 people on will be an admin, op, and moderator. (4 admin, 2 op, and 1 moderator)

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    • MCDarkWarrior

      Hey guys! If u want to join my realms, plz comment down below your IGN and why u want to join my realms. Remember! You can not grief, troll, or raid any bases. You may team with other players and build a base because this is a PvP server. Spawn will be pretty large because I will allow you to build a house in spawn with little plots (like in mindcrack). If you build a team base, you can have an admin, op, or moderator look at it and we will give you a reward.

      • Jeffrey Lara

        Wat is the IP address

      • Robin102104

        AncientMeteor78 me pls

    • miguelin

      Hi I want to join your realms beacuse I never joined one and like to give it a try my IGN is miguelin2004

    • Chubb

      Plzzzzzzz Can I join I do videos of lets plays and I need a realms that don’t troll but has fun as a group I think I am trusting to be able to join my ING is : Chubbyisbeast

    • Jeffrey Lara

      Can I join bacause im trust worthy and i won’t break the rules ever and my IGN is Sikmonster1

    • Sackmuncher1

      im bored and want to play on realms plz add me Sackmuncher1

    • Michael

      Michaelhoog is my gametag!

    • Jake


    • Robin102104

      AncientMeteor78 add me pls