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Leave ur name in the comments section PS tell me how to add you

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    • koolaid1332

      Deafcat1332 u can’t add people, they can just enter the server whenever if they have the IP address. That’s all that’s needed, so if u wanna post the IP then I’ll play with you, no TNT indoors is a given. :)

    • koolaid1332

      Deafcat1332 is my username btw

      • Ishmael303

        Hi ;-)

        • koolaid1332


    • Ishmael303

      My username is cokie303 :-D

    • Jalel

      My username is jalmarrey

    • lo7o

      My username is Firediams7

    • lukeman163

      My username is lukeman163 pls add me

    • SketchPen

      My name is SketchPen on mcpe

    • eduardo raul alonso

      My minecraft pe name is eduardo2122 add me

    • Lucas Gibson

      Hey May I join your realms I am a loyal gamer I follow all server rules and My Gamertag: Deerkiller14

    • Brady Krohn

      add me right now ok my player name is BEN2014BEN

    • Lucas Gibson

      If someone checks my youtube out you can join my server if you like comment and subscribe to me or one of my vids

    • coolguy12303

      My username is killer glitch

    • MCPE

      Add me to this server ign

    • Ddd


    • luis

      Plz could you invite me in to your realm mi user name is long_shot16 il realy appreciate it

    • GlitchFreakForMC

      My in game name is GlitchFreakForMC please add me I dont hack or cheat and ill build an awesome spawn if you want me to please

    • Jaden Mathias

      add me pls cause u r awsome … my ign is PlatinumPVP

    • slender fahers

      Add me I’m plsf

    • SkyCrex

      Hi i really want join your realms ^^ pls invite me SkyRexox

    • Lucas Gibson

      U add people when you shortlist them and then you can talk. I am loyal to you if you whitelist me and my username is Deerkiller14

    • Lucas Gibson

      Whitelist not shortlist *auto correct*

    • Yard-Yard Paghubasan

      MY User name is HayHay1129

    • Yard-Yard Paghubasan

      MY User name is HayHay1129

    • Mal0056

      MY Username is Mal0056

    • Kuny Oni

      My name kunyoni00

    • Hannah

      My username is Hannah invite me plz

    • minecraftmood0

      My username is
      Plz invite me to ur realm server thx

    • Sackmuncher1

      Sackmuncher1 add me

    • najaa

      My username is Forever Young ! (exclaimation point included)

    • jwitz22

      My user name is jwitz22

    • Lukeinator1995


    • Chris115

      Mine is Chris115