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To get invited you must win this competition. The competition is obviously to get added! To enter:

-Subscribe on youtube

-Follow on twitter @CanadianBannana

-Tweet or comment your username!

Goodluck to all! 1 lucky person will be added in 2 weeks!

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I love minecraft, and life! My YouTube is: CanadianBannana!
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    • Ihascupquake

      Plz invite me the. User name ihascupquake

    • Ihascupquake

      I followed you on twittwe

    • canadianbannana


    • Arone Christian Titong

      plz invite me username arondoesMCPE

    • Superfasthekid

      Ke it seriesliEn Can you invite me I will do everything you want if you want me to make a. Mod I will do it but plz get me in I was lonely since update 0.5.0 now I found my home in mcpe universe add me in plz I was lonely like 3 years so bored I had no friends plz add me in plz plz plz I am still alone if you read the whole thing say potato plz I have been lonely a lot of years please please please please let me in I was lonely years years years and I don’t know what to do I don’t know what ip one server has plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz I have been lonely a lot of years what can I do to suffer you plz plz plz I am so bored plz add me I don’t want to stay bored watching skydoesminecraft plz plz plz plz I don’t want to be alone plz plz plz I don’t have any friends in my channel plz plz I am going to suiside plz plz plz plz add me in I am so alone plz plz plz I am not lucky but I believe that I will be chosen yes I will (cries) (tears drop to the ipad) plz plz plz I have been alone for years plz plz plz plz plzp ll/pzlxxp plz come on I believe fjdjjsojvjddodjksoxfjksifndkrjrjjv oh my god I beliebe (cries again ) stop cring I will do this let me tell you a story one day I had a friend named Cesar Tahasin and Michael we always played toghether minecraft but then we got into a fight because I told Cesars friend that he was the n word because he got me introuble when we got seperated everything went bad can ypu tell me what to do plz plz ps can you add me in plz plz I have been lonely for years I will do everythinyou want plz plz iben a map with your name on it I am a modder and map creator thank you for reading ps can you follow me plz and add me to the server my name in minecraft is superfastkid123 superfastkid123 djekjcisocjskddodjsicosjcoasivjsocn ohh my god plz respond by the way that was good acting right but the lonely thing is real

    • Skywars

      I did all the jobs I subscribed to you in youtube
      and I followed you in twitter my username is WorldWar

    • noobbanner101

      Plz add me I have over 50 mods to share my username is builddude101

    • Pcuh01

      PLZ add me i did all my username is pcuh01

    • Ýøûšêf Ñàmøůž

      I did my job add me : yousrf15

    • Ýøûšêf Ñàmøůž


    • hase94big

      Please add me
      User Name:boonie94

    • Enzo Wolff

      Please add me –> EnzoMega74