[color=gold] Points Can Earn You New Ranks That Show Up As Badges Next To Your Name. [/color]
“Newbie”-0 Points
“Tree Puncher”-50 Points
“Bench Crafter”-100 Points
“Bread Baker”-200 Points
“Coal Miner”-500 Points
“Amateur Architect”-750 Points
“Cow Tipper”-1,000 Points
“Cave Explorer”-1,500 Points
“Blacksmith’s ApprenticeĀ “-2,000 Points
“Town Builder”-2,500 Points
“Wolf Tamer”-3,000 Points
“Brewing Master”-3,500 Points
“Zombie Slayer”-4,000 Points
“Enlightened Enchanter”-4,500 Points
“Skeleton Hunter”-5,000 Points
“Creeper Hitman”-7,000 Points
“Dragon Summoner”-8,500 Points
“Super Sayian”-9,001 Points
“Herobrine”-10,000 Points
“Void Walker”-15,000 Points
“Notch”-25,000 Points
More Being Added! PM LLom007 or SPL1TR More Rank Suggestions! Yours Could Be Added!!!