TorchPVP! Now Prison!

Server is Offline. It will not appear on the Pocketmine page until it is Online.

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Welcome to TorchPVP!
Server Owns by iTorchPlays
Who Owns Amazing Servers!
Server Hosted in PocketServer
Which is the Best MCPE Hosting!
Please Vote The server Everyday ( Vote Daily )
Please Donate to the server because we need money to the server :D
We will OP Players who Vote 20 times and who Donate the server :D
No PvP at Spawn PvP on the Arena.
No Asking for Staff/Ranks.
No Swearing or you will be Ban-IP.
No Asking for Gamemode.
No Hacking. Once you do it you will Ban-IP Forever.
No Mods or you will be Ban-IP.
Respect Staffs/Players.
No Fighting in the chat.
No Spamming or the server will stop and you will get Ban-IP.



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    • @CheeseUnivers

      I cant play on torch prison
      I cant register all it says is login

      • iTorchPlays

        Try Different Username

        • Stampylamaface12

          torch when I play on my iPhone this server never makes me crash then now I’m playing on iPad And when I login it crashes me I made a new username its
          stampylamaface but it won’t let me play it always crashes when I login my old username is
          stampylamaface12 Pleas Reply

          • im.ence

            Sup Stampy

            • Stampylamaface12

              Sup Tear

        • TomasPlaysMC

          Hi ITorchaplays remember me am TomasHerobrine Can I Be op and I’ll make u Head-Admin On My Other Awesome Server I have 2 btw

    • klasher

      Yo dpest anyone wanna skype and play on da server

    • ProHoster


    • liukas555

      not done huh?


      Please make me ur friend..please please make me name at mcpe ix Edmand10

    • LolManLol

      I’m kidblast13 op me pls


      How long does the server take to load?

    • grieferXD

      how long does this server take to load or to locate???????? and pls. op me

    • Chris Craft

      My Name Is Chris Im just here to play not for op i earn my op

    • magicamy73@

      Hi My Name Is Amy Im Really Good At Games And Im Very Nice

    • jhonlima

      No meu nao pego

    • minermaps

      seems like fun to play, I will download it…………. its rare for me to say that. I never join servers sadly, but I blow up maps……… and make maps. •_•

    • TomasPlaysMC

      Hey bro remember me am TomasHerobrine Am Just Asking if I can be op on ur server and if u do I will make u Head-Admin On My Server Promise

    • Toni

      I can’t join the map so no money

    • DarknessIron

      Hey itorchplays it’s me Cool_Admin_Gamer ur old friend just saying can I get op again please cause last time ur sis deoped me and ban-ip me so just saying can I be like a Builder/Op I’ll donate $5 and help server out? Your friend-Cool_Admin_Gamer

      • iTorchPlays

        donate plzzzzzzzz

        • xXRaiderProXx


          • JayTDM

            yes me too

    • DarknessIron

      P.s if u do op me when server restarts make me admin my username is IronAdminGamer9

    • DarknessIron

      Hi stamp

    • DarknessIron

      Ok I voted 21 times now!

    • DarknessIron

      Reset server

    • xXhappypipXx

      I cant join its full all the time

    • gannbh

      Me to

    • iTorchPlays

      Server Needs Donations, DONATE $10 For OP. We hope you can donate….

      • SilversMC

        I cant register :/

    • Denver Coliat

      It said in the you don’t have permission to use register and I can’t register

      • victor5136

        I cant to

    • Stampylamaface12

      Torch….remits me STAMPY infinite_stampy REMBER ME emm I can’t /register. I don’t have permission and am i Alowed reop,????? And be admin again and btw I know who destroyed spawn it was Type. He’s a pocketmine hacker on any pocket server he öp just

    • Bobswaggington

      Itorch this is the worst server in the World 1.abusive staff killed me for killing someone who was friends with an admin in survival and 2.hackers and grief ers galore in the mine this server sucks BALLS

    • smal50


    • OceanPuppy

      Hi glitch is back probably op’s did that plz fix it before this after noon if possible.

    • OceanPuppy

      And if you let me be op not c mode i would like that because when people do that I can ban. Just sayin!

    • OceanPuppy

      Oh and now I am raging in my home!!!!!!!!!!

    • OceanPuppy

      ItorchPlays plz make me c mode to get out of the glitch and then normal plz…

    • TMack

      New torch pvp 2 join now to help out!

    • OceanPuppy

      I glitched out of world do something!!!!!

    • AwesomeFace222

      I can’t join it is so annoying PLZ fix that!

    • christian.lepez

      How do I join

    • Awesomes010

      Hey there torch its me Awesomes010 your old staff guy im not gonna be able to play on your cause i cant get the update so i just sent you a report so yeah have a good year in 2015 so say to warren that i said ok

      Your old staff guy,

    • OceanPuppy

      I can’t Join

    • DarknessIron

      Torch deop MarcusPlaysMCPE he deoped me and ip banned me and when I rejoin ask isabella to reop me or if she’s on at same time has me I’ll ask!
      Pls unban me…

    • DarknessIron

      My user is Itz_IronAdmin9

    • Diego deloera

      Delete area project because it won’t let me register delete now!

    • melody

      I think I was banned but all I did was mine I did not grief I literally just just joined and now I can’t get on the server if this means I was banned pls let me know I never was before so idk what its like my name is melosaurus pls unban me if this is the problem

    • CorbanDioxide

      Itorchplays its me CorbanDioxide can u please whitelist me on the server im a really good builder

    • Carl Anderson

      can’t connect to world

    • RedIsTheBest01

      Hey torch its me red your friend
      Can i be added to whitelist pls ill help you with anything

    • Runkuno

      i own a server i can fix it

    • Ella

      Hi guys

    • amir


    • 1065Skipper
    • 1065Skipper

      Info on all the latest news on MCPE, check out this website.

      It has stuff like cool maps, glitches, seeds, and news on Update 0.12.0! Here’s the website link,

      If you want news on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0, like what the changelog is for Build 4 and how to join the beta build, check out this link.

      I checked out both the links, and they are pretty awesome, so check them out.

    • KingAlex105

      I’m freinds with the owner but he doesn’t even let freinds be staff

    • XxzKingGamerzxX

      Torch can I be a admin pls I’ve seen lots of hacker and I want this new server to be the best server and fair server no hackers and no cheaters I want this server to be really clean not like others they don’t have good admins. Please email me if you want me to help you and make me your best admin my email is: [email protected] my mcpe username: XxzKingGamerzxX Thank You! <3