QPM Craft


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Hello. I have recently started a new server called QPM Craft. This server welcomes everyone, that doesn’t grief and spam. This server is all about having fun! If you would like to join this server then please follow these rules: 1.Absolutely No Griefing 2.No Spamming Chat 3.No Stealing (There Is Pocketguard) 4.Please Obey All Op And Staff 5.Have Fun Now, for what you have all been waiting for, The IP: QPMcraft.pocketserver.net And Port: 19135 Thank All of you for viewing this, and I hope to see you on the server.

IP: QPMcraft.pocketserver.net:19135


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  • Informator234 .

    Your a fucking asshole!

  • Adriann3rrz11

    Why the port changed?

  • NightFury12342

    How do i join it keeps on disconnecting and when i join it says you must register

  • pachito427

    it says unable to connect to world

  • Mohammed Aamir Abdlrahim

    Dude Like This Server But
    I Got EveryTime Dissconected Pls Fix The Bugs And There’s Grief Comeone !