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Prison Miner is the server that will blow your mind
-Prestige Mines:A-Z A1-Z1 A2-Z2 A3-Z3
-Outstanding Builders: I have never seen people who can build like we can
-Donation ranks: Each rank has access to special perks and mines
-Donator Ranks: Earn up to 100+ Keys just from one donation
-Donation Rewards: Earn ranks, large sums of money, custom names, lots of crate keys, Vaults
-FREE Plots: Tired of paying for plots? No need here just grab one for FREE
-Extreme Small world size with no rule survival
(small to keep things action packed)
-PvP Arena: Can be spectate from spawn
-PvP Arena: PvP Arena under spawn to take loot and gain money
-Vote Rewards: Get Mystery Crate Keys for each vote
-Voter Ranks: Vote 10 times for Voter and obtain Keys via mining and voting
-Supporter Rank: Vote 20 times for increased chance of getting a key via mining
-Loyalists Rank: Vote 30 times for insane amounts of Crate Keys
-Free Vaults: Open up your very own vaults for free
-Vaults: Have up to 50 vaults
-Friendly People: Everyone is a friend here

Stop wasting time and join the server now!


Online - Players (11/50) Version: v1.1.0.55

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