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Well, a normal guy who loves MINE CRAFT... -.-
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    • Jason Mantri

      Hi I’m the person whos user is Stein46

    • Jason Mantri

      Can I be op in ur serer

    • KevinDurant35

      Can I Be op please im my name in mcpe is KevinDurant35 thanks i want to help

    • Dunbar77

      Hi i’m trusted moderator can i have mod there my username Dunbar77

      • Dunbar77

        I meant cani have op

        • DeLycion


    • John

      Gimme staff lol

    • John

      Srsly tho i can be trusted i am op for 2 other servers btw

    • John

      Ign is johnehh

    • 47Pigs

      I’m 47_Pigs in mc and I’d like to apply for admin

    • Calvin Holditch

      Hi i would like to become staff i am 14 and i never had staff/admin before and my mcpe username is “cough”

    • Jdmcawesome

      My name is jdmcawesome I would very much like to join

    • Kitten5000

      Hi my user is Skyler I would like to become staff.=) I’m subscribed to you u think your awesome!

    • kaybug848

      kaybug848 is my mcpe username

      • Stevenmcool

        Arent you familiar

    • saidexter

      My username is 6RAIDER4 i liked The ser ver :-)

    • Midnam

      Hi my mcpe username is: ShockWave i want be staff cause i want help server i liked u and i subscribe to you!

    • Stevenmcool

      Hi My Username is Stevenmcool and i want to be staff in your server ;)

      • Stevenmcool

        Oh Yeah And Also it could be any rank

    • MrMinecraftMan6

      I want to be staff also servers great

    • Plasma2325

      His my username is plasma2325 and I want to be a staff member on your server

    • Alex Lamb

      My mcpe username is alambalex1234567890

    • GamerBoy03

      GamerBoy03 is my username i am from the U.S.A and i have amazing builds for you! im only 11 but that doesnt matter cause right know i just made a football stadium (not soccer sorry) and i love making people smile and make them laugh and i like to troll people but i will re-do everything i do and give them a few diamonds :)

      • GamerBoy03

        and also my brother is very famous in MN (minnesota) and he will start youtube soon :)

    • SWIFTtheKIDrs

      Hi I am SWIFTtheKIDrs I have op on servers like JAKECRAFT and Eaglecraft and even Lbsg (life boat survival games) and I want op to help others cause I used to get bullied by other players but not anymore I follow rules I am loyal trust worthy respectful and love your server its your choice thx

    • TheJohnnyPunk

      I wanna join

    • McChubbens8U

      Hi! I gave the 13th like! My usernames are McChubbens8U and RaInBoW_SlImE20! I love ur server! It’s one of my favorites!

    • benjaminsteve

      Benjaminsteve is my username on nethercraft can I be staff plz

    • Sylicer

      Hi my username is Sylicer im a great builder and very good person and i want to be in the staff of this epic server.

    • timmydude945

      Im Timmydude945!

    • Prismaticodin8

      I’m Prismaticodin8 and I liked :)

    • Colbstar123

      Wow great server it’s probably the best server ever in mcpe

    • Colbstar123


    • Colbstar123

      My name is Colbstar123 I want to join staff

    • Slime_Boy

      BOSANAC Is my username and i want to join .

    • Adan Diaz

      My name in mcpe is Adan04 Im from California USA
      And I want to be staff

    • RiriSlut

      Im Pockeminr(my username) and i want to join staff im an amazing builder and i liked the server pls

    • Shawn Wilmer Calzado

      Hi My Name in NetherCraft is Rossmiller hope you op me or Put me on staff

    • TriWolfAlpha

      Hey guys its TriWolfAlpha and I would like to join your server staff. I have a youtube channel and am currently looking for Servers to showcase. I have decided to choose yours amongst others. :) I wouldn’t mind Admin but feel free to give me whatever you want. Thanks!

    • Stein46

      Hi can I be part of the nethercraft staff

    • XXERrexx

      im XXERrexx happy to help and a pro builder

    • Sabel Valencia

      My username is MyNameIsJ3ff on mcpe ;P

    • Francis

      I’m Kitsune4281, I’m a girl, 16, and love to make stuff! And I don’t care what position you give me. I just love to help!!!

    • joshua8808

      My name is joshua8808 and I would like to be a builder or mod or admin:)

    • Minimariofan

      I like to keep justice on servers after a few bad experiences myself
      I would love to moderate on gmt (Greenwich mean time)
      Ign :Minimariofan
      Age:ask me in private

    • Robbybaby

      My user name is NBlade and I would like to be in the staff

    • TheSlimeWarrior

      hi i am theslimewarrior i have worked on six other servers that got shut down because of fundings. i am looking to work for servers that have ok fundings and are online alot. i am 15 and have liked this server


      HELLO,My Username is MarkGamer94 and im 18 yrs old i started playing minecraft i was 14 and i wanna be a staff im a good Helper,not a Destroyer or Something and can i be mod,Admin,Operator,Builder

    • Zahaile Mclennon

      Hey my name is mellow123456789 I like hot dogs and I just love mcpe servers because I dont really do worlds

    • 22Raiders22

      I love this server so much

    • EvelynneSebastian

      Tokoshi Squirtle

    • EvelynneSebastian

      Tokoshi Squirtle

    • Kirito11347777


    • Kirito11347777


    • Andloi

      guys deop GamingLegendsX He ip banned SilentAssassin for no reason he just wanted his diamonds for finishing parkour

    • Farhan116

      Farhan116 my username but somebody blew up my base

    • leelu

      i want to be a staff

    • Crazygamer897

      Hello my name is Crazygamer897 im really helpful on servers if someone is busy i will help whoever needs help

    • HelloMyNamIs

      My username is HelloMyNamIs and I do gerat builds and I am learning how to build some great buildings and they look great!!!

    • HelloMyNamIs

      Hi. My username is HelloMyNamIs. Im a great builder and I am learning to build maps and I am only 11 years old but I am getting a lot better. I would be glad to help out.

    • XxTNTxX

      Hi I wound like to be staff please I will like if I can

    • XxTNTxX

      My user is XxTNTxX

    • XxTNTxX

      I wound like to be staff I liked

    • XxTNTxX

      minecraft name XxTNTxX

    • Farhan116

      My Minecraft name is Farhan116

    • Tzieleah Gierran Recla

      My name is Lexy and I am a great builder :) I can make roller coasters, Awesome buildings, nice parkour and most importantly…….Pixel Art!!!!I am also a great and responsible person who can keep ur server balanced and in shape :D

    • Tzieleah Gierran Recla

      My name is Lexy and I am a great builder :) I can make roller coasters, Awesome buildings, nice parkour and most importantly…….Pixel Art!!!!I am also a great and responsible person who can keep ur server balanced and in shape :D

    • jjs111505

      Awesome server jjs111505

    • creeperanatomy

      Can I be staff. My name is creeperanatomy21

      • creeperanatomy


    • Jess1104


    • Jess1104


    • Jess1104

      My username is jess1104 and I would like to be staff

    • Jess1104

      Pls frozen wolf

    • Jess1104

      You say that we can be staff if we like and comment

    • jkman543

      My username is jkman543 and I love Minecraft sadly my dog just died and I love your server. I am from the U.S.A and I am a boy.

    • jkman543

      Im in Alpha 1.10.5 so could.yall plz update your minecraft.

    • Crazygamer897

      My name is Crazygamer897 im a good helper i like to build and if someone is bussy but someone needs help ill help them

    • kacper


    • SadietheDog4123

      SadietheDog is my name and I want to be part of staff. Please and thank you

    • HawksFootball


    • Rosemarie Acosta

      Can i join

    • Rosemarie Acosta

      Hello can i join

    • demonbruh

      I love Minecraft and I have been search every single server asking if I could be admin or staff and it would mean the world to me


      I’m stampy 9years old i’from philiphine

    • Luan123

      Hi. My username in minecraft is Crystal123, and i would like to join the staff team. Very nice server uou have there. =D

    • Dominic Boeuf

      My name is ItZz_JoK3rZz and I have been on this server before and I loved it so much also I don’t remember my old name but its my new name is what i said so ill give this a like

    • XxDerpingCowxX

      XxDerpingCowxX is my username

    • 2h5d

      Hello I Liked And Commented (right now) on the forum
      Can I get op? My name’s Jeff..I mean 2h5d

    • RedIsTheBest01

      Me please
      Red or RedPlaysMC is my username im a good player and a good builder i also know alot about commands like worldedit and more i can help you develop the server :)

    • kammy

      My username is mitty_kitty and i want to join your staff

    • kammy

      Im a great builder :)

      • kammy

        My username is mitty_kitty

    • Woken Billcams

      NotJinBop is my username I’m a great builder an awesome designer and I know what they want in these worlds I can make a big change

    • Woken Billcams

      I also will be on most of the time to govern the world and if me and GamerBoy03 get in I will happily join him in trolling but we will fix EVERYTHING

    • (Killermon)

      Me join my name is (killermon) pro builder

    • XxGamerBeastxX

      What the Heck Kelvinlolz ban-ip me he said I hacked him but I did not he just said that from XxGamerBeastxX

    • Will Winter

      Hi I’m Will, I am 13 and I would like to be part of your servers staff.
      Don’t let the fact that I’m 13 fool you I am 3 grades ahead of everyone else my age.

    • Will Winter

      Hi I’m Will and I would like to be a part of your staff. I have great building skills.
      I am 13 and really smart. Here is my latest build. I hope to be part of the staff.

    • Amir

      My username is Amircode09

    • Basketballseth98

      Can I be staff Basketballseth98

    • joerein

      Hi my name is joerein I’m on all the time and I would be a great addition to your server. I will help in any way I can. Great job btw the servers awesome.

    • steelhitman

      username – steelhitman
      i wanna join.

    • Legocrash99

      i wnna be staff i live in the US and i follow rules and am a really good deinger for builds and i would like to be staff to help the server

    • elian laya

      Hola a MCPEUniverse si puedes buscar server para la version 0.10.4

    • ethan czyrny


    • xMegaJason

      Hello.., IMy Username Is MegaJason and I live from aussie, I like to buildmamazing Pixelarts and Skyhouses, sometimes I troll some players like zexyzek but I reundo everything I did to them, and im sick :(, I also wanted to be a nice staff, but im too sick to have friends and I cant go outside, and I cant even eat more food, I am just playing MCPE, im just lonely in my bedroom :(

    • COOLDUDE509

      Hi can I plz join staff I am nice and kind I don’t grief my username is COOLDUDE509 I am wanting Asmin/Head-Admin/Co-Owner or Owner plz

    • kidblast13

      kidblast13 i have plenty of experience im head admin on a couple servers ive owned my own server i dont abuse power i in forse rules i dont op people unless owner says i can i am an ok builder
      ign is kidblast13

    • Aaron Kobe L. Banico

      AaronPlaysMc is my username

    • Aaron Kobe L. Banico

      AaronPlaysMc is my username

    • DanTheDiamondTD1

      Can I op on your server can be mod and Frozen is a Owner pls
      I a kid I 10 year old and I in Malaysia is have KLCC is so
      Butiful and nice

    • v0Lume

      V0Lume add me as staff plz

    • v0Lume

      V0Lume add me as staff plz

    • florencio

      Hi I love your videos and can I be your friend

    • Panagiotismel

      My username is panagiotismel.Weird name cause I’m from Greece

    • TobiasRiana

      RianaAriana999 is my In-Gamer username! Im from Romania, I am 13 years old and im an excelent builder! Im making buildings for a lot of servers, and now i want to do buildings for you! I love helping people and I know you can make this server the best server the best server ever! Thank you for your patience and I hope im good for a big server like this one!! ;D

    • GamingRose

      My MC username is EnderRose. I’m a youtuber and pixel artist. Id like to be staff because I’m a decent builder and go on minecraft pretty much everyday

    • AdaGZG

      Hi my name is AdaGZG in mcpe it’s FireAndIce And I love to be happy and to make everyone an equal

    • RazorGalaxy

      Hello I would like to join as a staff admin but not publicly.. My mc username is RazorGalaxy.. If you want to ask me some questions about being a server admin.. Im a former Server Head-Admin on Peasy’s Kingdom Craft (why did i quit? Becuz the owner “Peasycheese” is still doing fundraising for his server).
      Email me to know more about me/bio

      • RazorGalaxy

        Simple Bio:
        15 yrs old
        Great Builder
        Great in redstoning too.
        Always active
        Mature attitude
        Has knowledge about plugins, Ip Gateways, Server DNS, Anti DDoS attacks.

    • TheDoctorCraft

      username is The_Doctor_

    • Braydencraft99

      I wanna be staff, braydencraft99

    • Braydencraft99

      I want to know how other players are in creative on this server, if you can respond to this than thank you <3

    • Braydencraft99

      I am a great builder I built the Petronas twin towers for a school project and got an a and I know a lot about programming and I am a natural born computer whiz so I really wish I could join staff by chance if u let me then thank you <3 :)

      • Adrian Wrona

        Same I am a computer whiz

    • DevCoffee

      BlueSchoolG is My user Please OP Me I liked

    • deadillez

      Hello I would like to join admin and me mc username is deadillez

    • Adrian Wrona

      Dividerboo is my mcpe name

    • 2h5d

      Hello I like to apply for Mod.

    • 2h5d

      Hello,I like to apply for Mod. my username is 2h5d

    • MLG Pro

      My username is MLG Pro and i want to be part of your awesome staff

    • MLG Pro

      My username is MLG Pro and i want to be part of your awesome staff

    • MLG Pro

      My username is MLG Pro and i want to be part of your awesome staff

    • April Hill

      Apethegrape12 is my username !!

    • sofia


    • Aiden Doak

      I would like to join staff pls
      :) lol I tried to make my own server 4 me and my friends but it wouldnt work

    • bothergiant48

      Bother giant 48 is mine

    • StarGamingConnor

      Conman1208YT is my user name I like to use op to lock at other buildings by other people to know it’s me my skin is a guy in a super man shirt with a hat

    • Spencer

      my name is Spencer and i would like to join the staff my username is Feared_Titan207

    • Polabear912

      My username for Minecraft pocket edition is Polabear912, and I’m looking forward to being a staff and helping out the server! :)

    • Polabear912

      I would always respect people and staff, I would also have mature attitude, or I could be fun about it? I would love to actually be part of a staff for once, I don’t want to be a burden, but it’s your choice! :)

    • Alberto

      Hi im fire1504

    • Iaro

      hello my username is Iarotheplayer ,I’m from madagascar. can I be a staff admin in
      your server?

    • megadragon7117

      op me name megadragon

    • Shawn

      I wanna join I have 0.12.0
      I also like see you again

    • Shawn

      Can join admin

    • Shawn

      Please (:

    • Shawn


    • Shawn

      Up to mom for me

    • Shawn

      Yes she said yes awesome

    • Shawn

      My username is Shawn

    • Shawn

      In minecraft

    • Salahgower

      My mc name is salahgower and yes I did like

    • GhostSpartan

      Hello my name is GhostSpartan2002 and I’m a good and loyal minecrafter

    • BroJinx

      Hi!Mi name is BroJinx Im awesome atPVP hungergames abd building too im not bossy i do not do marijwanna because i HATE MARIJUANA AND I LOVE HELPING SO I WOULD RLY LIKE TO JOIN STAFF PLEASE!!!!!!!!*

    • happylucas1965

      My username is happylucas1965 im a gr8 builder m8 x3 i can build a huge steve in 5 mins or so

    • aidyn

      My minecraft name is AidynAwesomeNess, and I would love to be staff on your server, im going to go check out the server now.

    • Steven27800

      XPGamingElite is my username Ido tutorials on YouTube and would be delighted to join staff also becoming a elite builder my main thing on minecraft

      P.s I have noticed this was having comments comming back 6 months ago but would be happy replacing anyone

    • tikiman38

      I like and subscribe to you can I be a builder

    • PigPlayz

      Hi. I like pigs. That’s why my name is Pig Playz

    • PigPlayz

      I wanna be a staff

    • xXRYAN51Xx

      My Name is xXRYAN51Xx i will like to be staff or better ;D i have amazing ideas to make i dont like trollers i dont like to ban just kick when necessary you wont be dissapointed

    • Ellana641

      My Minecraft username is Ellana641 I’m rlly fast at building ecpessialy hotels houses and definitely cafe’s

    • 1065Skipper

      Info on all the latest news on MCPE, check out this website.

      It has stuff like cool maps, glitches, seeds, and news on Update 0.12.0! Here’s the website link,

      If you want news on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0, like what the changelog is for Build 4 and how to join the beta build, check out this link.

      I checked out both the links, and they are pretty awesome, so check them out now.

    • AwesomeGamer34

      Hi I would like to join staff my gamertag is AwesomeGamer34

    • AwesomeGamer34

      I can build quickly enough to build a hotel in a minute with team mate

    • Omar Canaan


    • JoshRetros
    • TrolerGameplayNL

      My minecraft name is TrolerGameplayNL and i wana be staff, and i am 24/7 online!

    • ladys

      My name is ladys

    • ethan

      can i be staff my name for mcpe is barnwatlovesminc

    • disqus_evNbeGr2sW

      Hello, my minecraft username is nikepiefacez. I would like to join staff. I am always there to help add on when it comes to building, I can provide lots of ideas to help your server become better, and I’m also there to help other players on your server when in need. I love this server and I hope that you consider adding me as a staff member:). Thanks for your time!

    • Parris Figueiredo Clark

      I REALLY Want to join staff I have a lot of building skills and many great ideas my username is ZEXYZEX87

    • SoccerKing8167

      I would like to be staff my name is SoccerKing8167

    • Coolkid1342

      Hi I want to help y’all build and other extras

    • MhikeiMPC

      I am Really good at building. Look at the screenshots from my server! I moderate a whole bunch of other servers, including LEET servers, and alot of pocketmine as well. i also work with PC edition very well. My IGN (MCPE Name) is MhikeiMPC

    • Reed

      I want to be staff ;0

    • chaz

      my name is SWAG_GUY9825 i love building on survival and creative i like makeing people smile and also laugh me my friend join servers to make lots of friends we love minecraft pe ps3 ps4 xbox 1 and 360 but last but the best pc

    • chaz

      my names is SWAG_GUY9825

    • GamezToTheMax

      Dear NeatherCraft.

      My mcpe name is GamezToTheMax and I would like to join staff preferably admin.
      I love building and don’t troll,grief.ext. On mine craft pc I am hosting a server and it’s doing really good however it’s not out yet. Here’s a quick Q&A.

      What’s your age? 10
      Are you mature? Almost always I do tend to do stuff here and there but rare.
      What is your country? The one and only U.S.A
      What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip.
      What’s your gender? Male.
      What’s you’re favorite colour? Blue
      Do you work good with a team? Not at all.I work Amazing with a team!

      And there’s some info about me.I hope you consider me as staff.


    • CommanderF

      I would love to join staff and am a great builder and have had 3 years admin experience. I’m am the perfect candidate for the job. Please consider my requests.

    • liam

      Please can you tell me how to get the server

    • Fbch2014

      If you want to know more. Make me staff. My username is Fbch2014

      • Fbch2014

        This only one time offer

    • optisailor

      optisailor is my username and am 11 and can build awesom things and love to have funny conversations with other people in the server

    • KatyCatGamerz

      My name is KatyCatGamerz or Katy. I really like your server. Its really cool. Plz add me as one of your staff. I’m loving and caring and be happy to help out with the people who join.
      Thx for reading this.
      Katy. >.<

    • ghostpiggy


    • CyberMan2208


    • Logiepogey07

      my mcpe username is Logiepogey07 i like minecraft and fnaf and my G+ is fnaflover334 i am only 8 but who cares i created a adventure map on minecraft xbox 1

    • Toxic13

      Toxic13 – Redstone = life
      Cannons = life

    • TeddyBearPlayz

      Ma username is TeddyBear_Playz Overall great at MCPE ;) so I would be a nice addition to staff

    • Dolfina

      I would like to join staff!! Im playing in this server for 5 weeks and its amazing i really recomend it!!

    • diamondspidertv

      diamondspidertv is my username and i am from costa rica i want to say i love your server and i would like to be a staff also i love servers and i am a good builder i even use command blocks
      btw i love your server