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MinePocket has some of the most exclusive 24/7 Minecraft PE servers in the world. Are you ready to experience PE like never before? Please try out our awesome Creative Server with Portals to multiple worlds. ALWAYS FREE (You don’t pay for upgraded equipment here) Register Below. Play all you like! We are 24/7!! http://minepocket.com/#!/landing

IP: s2.minepocket.com:19132

Online - Players (1/5000) Version: v0.11.0 alpha build 7

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  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/kixhd/ kixhd

    Sounds like a pretty cool server :) gonna check it out!

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/skytheminee/ skytheminee

    Do you have to whitlist me or just need the ip and port reply plz

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/skytheminee/ skytheminee

    Unable to join :(

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Jed384p/ Jed384p

      same with me

      • Raghnie


    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/MinecraftKitty45/ MinecraftKitty45

      Same here

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/KnightRider/ KnightRider


    you need to REGISTER @ our website… http://www.minepocket.com

    once you are registered you can join the server.

    Just use the username you registered on our website.

    here is our getting started guide.


    • Takumuku Mayuzumi

      i did register but still cant join

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/KnightRider/ KnightRider

    Also make sure your in-game name matches the username you chose when signing up at http://www.minepocket.com

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/TakumukuMayuzumi/ TakumukuMayuzumi

      i already registered and same user but still cant join

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/ButterGreengem9/ ButterGreengem9

      I tried to register in my in game name but it said invaded user

      • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/ButterGreengem9/ ButterGreengem9

        I mean invalid user

  • KABOOOMsnakefang

    When you sign up at minepocket.com, you are automatically added to their whitelist. In order to join, your in-game name must match your username on the website. That is how the system knows that you are you. Also, you must be logged in at minepocket.com for it to let you join.

    Again, the server admins don’t add people to the whitelist individually. Usernames are added AUTOMATICALLY when they are registered.

    Hope you all can join! :D

  • Victor Torres

    i already signed up and now what do i do plz reply back i m (-°-)

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/vinny0/ vinny0

    I signed up but I cant join. and why do you need to see our computers location I denyed lol denyed I mean i selected deny!

  • KABOOOMsnakefang

    1. go to mcpe. go into options, and write down your in-game name. If it is steve, change it.
    2. head over to MinePocket.
    3. sign up. (a) In the username field, put in your in-game name. (b) in the email adress field, put in your email address. (c) choose a password
    4. Create account.
    5. Now that you are logged in, you can go and add the servers to your game menu. tap “play,” then do “edit” and “add.”
    Voila! :D

    If you have anymore questions, ask either here or go create an account on the forums at minepocket.com/community.

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Meow.its.kat/ Meow.its.kat

      When I put my user name for minecraft it said invailed username. Meaning someone has already put that in? Dosnt that mean I should be able to join?

  • KABOOOMsnakefang

    No need for the server admins to manually whitelist you; your in-game name is automatically whitelisted when you follow the above instructions. Awesome, isn’t it? :D

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/firekiller4565/ firekiller4565

    Add me firekiller4565

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/SkyEatCookie/ SkyEatCookie

    I allready create MinePocket account.But still cant,why?

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Killerbunny/ Killerbunny


  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/gamerzgirl101/ gamerzgirl101


  • DaveCraft82

    I followed instructions but server didnt work please reply

  • Mark gray

    So do i just need to put it in.

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Cookiemonster/ Cookiemonster

    How do I get in the game

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Dragnir999/ Dragnir999


  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/hipzguy/ hipzguy

    Oh wow I’ll join now

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/hipzguy/ hipzguy

    Why can’t I join

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/jayquelling/ jayquelling

    I signed up cant join help

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/ButterGreengem9/ ButterGreengem9

    I can’t join too.
    Pleas if anyone knows then please tell me y.

  • Justin

    Can I be op plz my username is Justinram105

  • GarudaKid

    Someone griefing the world 1, his name is Captain_Seaman pls ban him. I have the screenshot if you need a proof

  • Brandon

    Plz unbanned me my ign is brandon334455cc

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Markgray19/ Markgray19

    Add me

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/bashzonleon/ bashzonleon

    hey guy who is reading this . this is a frekin scam dont listen to guys who say i did get in the server this is a scamonly to join their website this is a scam

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/KnightRider/ KnightRider

      What are you talking about? You must be one of those greifers that got banned.

      Sorry to tell you this, there is no scam.
      no obligation, no charge to play on our public servers.
      We do not collect any data. You have no basis for your claim.

      • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Ultraman11/ Ultraman11

        I got a account what do I do now I have not been able to join your server knight it just says that I was disconnected from the world

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/bashzonleon/ bashzonleon

    these is a scam knight rider!!!
    you scamed us

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/KnightRider/ KnightRider

      Please tell me how anyone has been scammed here?

      We provide free creative servers and PvP Survival Hunger Games.

      Where is the scam?

      We have 100’s of users who would disagree with you.

      you must have been a griefer who got banned.

      go take your spam elsewhere.

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Sriansh100/ Sriansh100

    Some dude named Alexchickenboy is banning everyone on the server using mods plz ban him and unban me

    • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/KnightRider/ KnightRider

      Alexchickenboy is a well respected Moderator on our servers.
      We do not allow mods and cheats on our servers.
      this allows people to:

      1) Grief on the creative servers.
      2) Cheat on the PvP servers.

      Mods on the MCPE client are not allowed here.
      This is to keep things fair and grief down

  • Herobrine

    Does not work still

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/TheCreeperspider/ TheCreeperspider

    I swear this thing is white-listed it want work for me plz help

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Justine3595/ Justine3595

    I can’t join
    even though I sign up but I can join on the hunger games though

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/HepA/ HepA

    Hey guys, please head over to http://www.minepocket.com/community/discussions so we can help with any problems you may be having.

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/minjun-kim/ minjun-kim


  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/Constarsworld/ Constarsworld

    I got kikked and band for no reason tell me why plz

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/bhatiagaurav587/ bhatiagaurav587

    hi add me bhatiagaurav587 i am good at building plz reply

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/PinkPandaMC/ PinkPandaMC

    Hi can you add me I have subbed and I have got an account on that website PinkPandaMC So can I join ? :)

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/cooler1006/ cooler1006

    The server is not working

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/moonshiner1989/ moonshiner1989

    Please add me moonshiner1989 i really wanna join the sever bur cant bc it disconnects u automatically when u click it

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/portercraft/ portercraft

    please add me i cant login to the website because the web site is still in alpha and I cant go to some places on the website can you please add me and update the website oh and my username is portercraft_1

  • http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/shadowking71/ shadowking71

    I signed up and still cant join. Please help.

  • IXIM

    add me pls ign: blast409

  • chaseavery8

    Add me on whitelist plz my user chaseavery8

  • sad123123

    Whitelist MJRocha10

  • Xavier Zavala

    XavierZ10 please whitelist me

  • Kevin Lu

    Can I join? My name is MiaGraceffa plz also let my friend join his name is DiamondMinerKev. thanks

  • ParisRoblox

    Invite me please! My realms name is ParisDoesRoblox.

  • mrkai2121 .

    add me on whitelist plz my name is Master_ Kairizai

  • crystalclear18

    add me in whitelist my name is crystal1819

  • Th31g4m3r

    Add me in whitelist. I am a modern house creator (2 in mcpe universe). Name: Th31g4m3r.

  • Eric Zavala

    Add me please my name is Mlp_derpy

  • ghostyisawesome

    add me to white list I am a great builder

  • ghostyisawesome

    or you can trust me as your admin

  • Johnrian Segura

    Add me pls I am a reliable cooperative modern builder and u can trust me with evry task my ign is seguranator2001 And if u want to message me privately my kik is JR_TROOPERS

  • Johnrian Segura

    And these are some of my builds

    • http://youtube.com/use/barca5rocks Barca5Rocks

      can i have the download so i can put on my channel

      • Seguranator2001MC

        I could give u some of my latest builds and btw johnrian segura is my facebook account so im the same person

    • BillCraftFTW

      Nice man

    • Katherine_joy


  • Bryan

    How do you register with register password

    • RushC

      /register 12345 <==== YOUR PASSWORD

  • Nnify

    Knightrider what’s up dude I thought this wa s a 24/7 yet I haven’t. Been Abel to join since the las update

  • Nnify

    Also to all people wanting to join you had to register your minecraft account (or rather your mojang account here ->://minepocket.com/#!/landing

  • HepA

    We are experiencing some issues with our servers, sorry for any inconvenience.

  • XxStevester121xX

    Can you op me?

  • nerdbird0311

    How the heck do u join this game???

  • Blackwolf

    How do I join servers?

  • Theloz4noroman


  • MCPE

    Add me please I’m a great builder ign:

  • sabrina

    Please let me play my name is scoob 17

  • awesome

    With can’t join! Help!

  • awesome


  • Mushroomp101

    Can you please op me! I don’t greef and I wont build anything inapropriate! My name Mushroomp_101 #hashtag

  • cameron

    Is this for 0.8.1 too

  • Lyndon

    hi guys im superfasth and i need ur help im stuck in a mine like a tunnel till bedrock

  • blitz

    What Is the port number

  • BillCraftFTW

    U serious? This isnt even creative!!!! -_-

  • Justin05

    I can’t join I have it on ipad and wond let me

  • Fuzman0913

    I can’t log in I do /login my username then I do password my password it won’t work!!

  • Logan

    Foozy needs help

  • puffyorchid75

    My name there is emocX and I can’t join

  • hummus645

    Hummus645 browns

  • Kuah chin choon


  • jd200111

    Wow! I love this server!

  • nathaniel

    Can I join you guys

    • grieferXD


  • nathaniel

    My iPad won’t let me play all servers

    • grieferXD

      me too mines just android

  • CharlesDylan50

    I. Can’t move in this server , why?

    • gameprince

      You have to register at pocketmine then click at forums

    • grieferXD

      me too

  • yulysudddd

    How to register plss

  • gameprince

    Oh and take note:
    Keep an eye out for griefers

  • edusanti

    How do u register?!

  • JackFM

    Awsome server

  • JasonDoesMC

    Good building dood im the best mcpe builder and I am going to upload your building everywhere on every website even my website

  • JasonDoesMC

    Ill will join now

  • aluh


  • Macrafter

    I tried to join, but it wasn’t letting me /register! I could not do anything and it froze my game! Anyone else have that problem or know what to do?

    • grieferXD

      just do what it says just type /register

  • SHAWNw89

    Just to let yall know i had my build and another two builds griefed right in front of me and the guys name was victorio anc i wasn’t done with that build please do something i like the sever and wanna keep coming on it if possible so please help thanks

  • zandenn31

    Admin my and I will post a YouTube video of the server and I will put the web site in the link

  • zandenn31


  • fab1501


  • Felipe12

    Can I be op so I can build plz I will join your server and also I can’t doante I hope that’s ok.Its becuase I don’t got android

  • beccaisepic

    My account (beccaisepic) has been reported and I have kept all the rules.
    And now it won’t let me create a new account.
    Please help me and if you do I will like this server because I really love this server and now I can’t get on to it thanks,

  • TheHungerGames1

    Hi u all know me I’m TheHungerGames1 I’m a pro builder and I judge severs
    Now this is a good sever but it is EXTEMLY LAGGY and the staff are EXTREMELY mean so if u are a good builder be waned pluss geifers Geif All the builds so make sure u builds are hidden AND PLZ DONATE TO THIS AMAZING SERVER BE KIND LEND A FEW BUCKS SO THEY CAN KEEP GOING HAVE A GOOD DAY and may the odds be ever in ur favor Sorry for any misspelled words bye

  • Carlosm4804

    Sup people I can’t join it for some reason

  • L123

    Uh… I… I can’t join the game

  • kidfresh5

    How to join

  • albert

    Whats the pasword and my username is RoketBoy how do i log in

  • albert

    How do i log in somome help

  • Liam

    What’s the password

  • -BuddaKing-

    Registration doesnt work…

  • http://karlMCCPRBLX.blogspot.com karlMCCPRBLX

    It says my account is registered but I’m not
    My username is karlMCCPRBLX pls help