Server is Offline. It will not appear on the Pocketmine page until it is Online.

I Like This! (99 Likes )

Love EvreyOne Join Have Some Fun Twitter —> @LifePocked


Server Made By LifePocked Team

IP: GeonCrafts.pocketserver.net:11177


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hi guys i am a really cool owners of server hope u enjoy
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    • Jaden12312

      Best server ever in hole world

      • superserver

        yup best

        • emma.stephenss

          How do you login??

    • superserver

      Yes The Best Server On Mcpe Universe even better then lifeboat

      • thatbluecreeper

        i dont think so

        • Guest

          Yeah like lifeboat better

    • MCPEInfos


    • PowerGirl101

      Lifeboat sucks when I tryed to login it said wrong password

    • Solarfang

      Bets server ever. Everyone should play

    • Marshall538

      This server is cool I like it

    • OBEYxRED


    • OBEYxRED


      • Udixxxxx

        Lol I seen Iron Here

    • swordmasterzian

      Best server evah

    • ProGeon
    • ProGeon

      https://twitter.com/rasmijn10follow me at twitter and see what i do

    • ProGeon
    • Xander Albert

      What is the address

    • jasmine0982

      Hi geon or squidy i cant join why:(

    • WaVeARC

      Hey superserver its me java man can i be op?

    • superserver
    • superserver

      best server ever ever ever ever hope alll poeple do

    • Stampylamaface12

      Geon de pro itz me Geon stampy I can’t join did u ban – ip me and if not can I be reoped ? :(

      • Duncan Griffiths

        It keeps saying /login password
        What is the password

      • Duncan Griffiths

        It keeps saying /login password
        What is the password

    • Wickedwully

      How long does it take to get on mine is taking long dead long

    • SheepBoyKid1

      i am trying to get on but the server is full. at leadt one person could log off the server.plzzz

    • CreeperKing14

      plz make server bigger

    • Instaasquiddy

      hey Geon Op Me Back IF U Do I Will Donate

    • Ronald Lisboa

      Não funciona bota online e não offline anta

    • Berto

      Can you help me

    • Berto

      I can’t register it won’t let me

    • Felipe12

      best server ever looks nice and more comeing soon join if u like?hope u do!!

    • David

      I cant join Gon wats wrong

    • David

      Geon help I cant get on

    • ShaneCraftFTW

      I know it’s a bit late since we’re gonna go to v0.11 soon but can I be staff..? I don’t remember what it feels like to be Op since my server got deleted.
      Please reply,

    • Anton Webeck

      Anton join

    • Elizabeth Strothers

      Me too this server is awesome!

    • 1065Skipper
    • 1065Skipper

      Info on all the latest news on MCPE, check out this website.

      It has stuff like cool maps, glitches, seeds, and news on Update 0.12.0! Here’s the website link, allaboutmcpe.wordpress.com.

      If you want news on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0, like what the changelog is for Build 4 and how to join the beta build, check out this link.


      I checked out both the links, and they are pretty awesome, so check them out now.

      The links are pretty cool, and they give you a BUNCH of information on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0 and Update 0.12.0’s RELEASE DATE!