Lord’s of Crazy: Factions

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Lord’s of Crazy: MCPE Factions
IP: lordsofcrazy.ddns.net
PORT: 44628
-FactionsPro plugin.
-Economy plugin.
-Crate Keys plugin.
-Economy RankUp (Pay in game money to get better ranks)
-Advanced Kits plugin (Awesome Kits)
-Vote Reward plugin.
-Combat Logger plugin. (stops annoying combat loggers)
-EssentialsPE pluin. (homes, tpa, misc commands)
-A Hourly LootCrate that opens with tonnes of goodies at warp pvp
-BasicHUD Plugin (Find your cords, direction and more on your screen)
-A total of 27 ranks.
-Events with in game prizes such as ranks, money and event items.
-And much more!

Current warps: (warning: may be outdated)
-pvp: Feeling like slaying some peeps, well here is the place!
-shop: either stacking the money or spilling the cash on tonnes of resources.
-staff: Get to know the staff on the server
-ranks: See how much money each rank is and some other information about them.
Staff Team:
Owner: Crazyy
And there is many other staff, however knowing it always changes it will not be included.

Our staff are here to try and stop your experience being ruined by rule breakers, if you ever experience staff abuse then report it to the Owner via [email protected] and we will try to sort it out, what staff can and can’t do can be found on the website in the staff rules page.
Some History and Facts:
-Originaly a different server named Crazy Cookies Factions, or otherwise known as CCF.
-First map on crazy cookies was a flat land with hardly anything to do apart from parkour.
-When the now known as Lord’s of Crazy: Factions was first released the server was very inactive after the first few weeks due to a reset which wasn’t worked on very well until a later date.
– The owner Crazyy has some sort of obsession for cookies, you can even go to spawn and get free cookies from a chicken.
-A massive event was planned and around 6 people shown up :P.
-One time before the current reset was one where pvp was disabled and the Owner kept trying to find out why and finally released one day, difficulty was peaceful :P.
-The Owner is so rubbish on his own server that he votes for stuff :P, I suppose at least it isn’t /give Crazyy diamond 9000 :P.
-The owner forgot to save the world before messing with the server and it resulted in having to rebuild everything again and quite a few angry people.
-The CoOwner and Head Admin are inactive, woo.

IP: lordsofcrazy.ddns.net:44628

Online - Players (0/50) Version: v1.1.0.55

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I own a small MCPE server named Lord's of Crazyy.
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