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Welcome to the Janecraft Network! We are a very friendly community which helps others. Helping others is our number #1 priority. We are a network based on different things. Could be from Mini-games to a game mode. Anything’s possible. We have:

Factions – Build your own base, create your very own clan, join a clan, and more! Join the battle today!

Survival – Basic survival, get wood, and survive the night. Other players may kill you, so watch out.

Mini-Games – We also own some mini-games which may be based on the PC edition of Minecraft, or just mini-games that may be the first on the server.

We also have:

Tag Mini-Game – Basically tag IRL. You tag someone, and they’re it.

Hide and seek Mini-Game – Hide from the seeker. Make sure he doesn’t find you. You may find the best hiding spot ever, who knows.

King of the hill – A Mini-Game based of PC Minecraft. You try and get to the top of the hill, and try punching others off to stop them going up the hill.

King of the ladder – Similar to King of the hill, but instead, you try and get people off the ladders, and stopping them getting to the top of the ladder.

Sumo – A great, and fun Mini-Game! Just use your fists, nothing else. Try punching others off the platform, this does include your pvp skills.

BowWars – A fun made Mini-game. Just use your bow and arrows, and you can shoot others. Last man standing, wins.

KitPvP – A great gamemode / Mini-Game. Just get a kit, and fight to the death.

MicroBattles – A great Mini-Game based on PC. You will end up in an arena, free for all, and your objective, is to kill the rest of your enemy’s. The last man standing, wins.

Maze tag – IRL tag, but in a maze.

Parkour – A parkour in the lobby / spawn. One of the hardest and longest parkour. See how well you do.

1vs1 – A great Mini-game. You vs another player fight to the death, but who will win?

Free for all – A game which is in 1vs1, you join a 2+ game, face 2+ players, but who will win?

Plots – A fun game mode. You can build your own things, and let others help you with a single command.

And more! We have an amazing variety of things, so you never get board! Also, invite your friends, as it’ll never get boring.

IP: Jane-craft.ddns.net:32670


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