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I’m glad you could join our servers, and we come from China.

Here is our new  0.9.x Mini-Game sever.It’s still in beta versions,please report bugs.

FUNCRAFT server is a full public service.Including the main lobby,3 super cool Mini-Games:Hunger Game,Walls and Steve vs. Zombies.

Visit our website:

Our team is developing more Mini-Games such as:Capture The Flag,Spleef.Shop system is testing now.

Tips:Type in”/register <password>”to sign up.You don’t need to type your password again except you change your IP address,you need to type in”/login <password>”to sign in.

Have fun in FunCraft! And… Goodluck!!!







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I come form China.My English is not very good,but I can make some cool maps.
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    • Newbieslll


      • Georgie Bryan

        Newbies111 help me everytime I join funcraft I dont get the compass, torch or emerald

    • KingAlex105

      Bug:When u join a game and crash before it starts it crashes/kicks u from coming on(so far I think this only happens for walls)

      • Newbieslll

        Just rejoin,you won’t lose your things in the game.The game will continue.

    • thatbluecreeper

      i go into games but they never stare, pls help

      • Newbieslll

        Walls need at least 4 players.Some room need 8~12 players.
        Steve vs. Zombie need at least 3 player to start the game.
        Hunger game need about 4 players.
        Spleef only need 2 players.
        Thanks for feedback. :D
        Enjoy our sever!

    • Sharquisha12

      I dont even know how to login on that world

    • thatbluecreeper

      love the server and hope you get ctf finished soon (:

    • Suppert2

      How can I apply for a staff rank

    • Suppert2

      Oops wrong chat

    • Suppert2


    • rubies

      Hi! How do I login? Please help.

    • rubies

      Help how do i login

    • Denver Coliat

      Can you add a mini games called cops and robbers and hide and seek

    • Mohd Sufiyan

      Add a mini game called hide and seek

    • Mohd Sufiyan

      Newbies You Are The Best !!!!!

    • Lovevietnam

      I can’t join

    • yumydude

      Nice server only one problem it’s really awsome and it’s always full :(

      • martinnnnnnnnnnndfdfsdfsdf

        lol ikr

    • Georgie Bryan

      I cant join its always offline

    • GamerBoy03

      Every time i try to join it stops right at the end and i cant get in :( FIX THIS PLEASE!

    • Jan Fredrick Suguitan

      What is the password

    • D-TRAIN

      cant join

    • martinnnnnnnnnnndfdfsdfsdf

      cool game!

    • martinnnnnnnnnnndfdfsdfsdf

      NewbiesIII its realy taking a long time for me to load into the game.

    • martinnnnnnnnnnndfdfsdfsdf

      ok this game is really laggy it’s rubbish

    • iNivek
      ———>PLAY NOW<———

    • Paige Lawler

      I know this must sound really dumb…… But can anyone tell me what the server name is IP address and the port plzzzz…… I am new to this external online servers thing.. Help

    • 1065Skipper
    • 1065Skipper

      Info on all the latest news on MCPE, check out this website.

      It has stuff like cool maps, glitches, seeds, and news on Update 0.12.0! Here’s the website link,

      If you want news on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0, like what the changelog is for Build 4 and how to join the beta build, check out this link.

      I checked out both the links, and they are pretty awesome, so check them out.

    • ELSTA

      Oh! I love minigame!