Server is Offline. It will not appear on the Pocketmine page until it is Online.

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IP: imcpe.com:19132


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    • Japheth Antonio Esparza

      can you up date it

    • Cameron

      How do you join

    • Josiah

      How do we join

    • Ben Hageman

      How do we join

    • Ben Hageman

      Can you update it now

    • Minecrafter ROBLOXBuilder

      what’s new?

    • Karate

      Please update the server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jordant99

      What its asking for a password what!?!?!?

    • Datwithaboss

      How do we even join if we have 0.9.5

    • awkwardkeny

      Please someone tell me how to join…I’m new btw

      • Amber

        Well u go to edit click external add server name then enter the IP address from server and port if its different.
        If this is not good enough there are some videos on YouTube.

      • Destroyer01

        Well First u go to Minecraft pe and then click ‘Play’ after that click ‘Edit’ and then ‘External’ then in the address bar type in ‘imcpe.com’ no capital no nothing then in the Port box just keep it the same then go to ‘Server Name’ and call it whatever you want then finally click ‘Add Server’ then find it then click on it and u should be able to join (Read this is took me a while to write)


      • joseph

        te puedo violar

      • ShaneCraftFTW

        Also you’ll need to login, see @Blade‘s reply on how to register when it asks for a password.
        Enjoy minecraft!

      • ShaneCraftFTW

        Also you’ll need to login, see @Blade‘s reply on how to register when it asks for a password.
        Enjoy minecraft!

    • ggggffff

      i cant connect

    • jollypuppy70

      me to i dont know how to join

    • Jayleen

      Go to aptoid.com you can down grade your minecraft

    • Jayleen

      Man you all are God dam stupid

    • KFChris

      Update the server to 0.9.5

    • KFChris


    • sg

      what is the name of the server

    • Dunbar77

      Im not the owner and im not co owner so i cant update it sorry

    • Dunbar77

      Jayleen i know how to update for free,i have aptoied and mobogenie but i want back to 0.8.1 cause no one want op me in 0.9.5 servers

    • Dunbar77

      You can back to 0.8.1 with 4shared

    • afiq

      I want to join to please

    • Ammarhizwan

      Can i be op plz

    • aliviamiller

      How do you register plz tell me it looks really good

    • maximus vavoulas

      Me to I have the same problem as the guy below

    • lighning

      You guys are wimps

    • Knighty

      IP: impc.com
      Port: 19132
      Step1-Open up MCPE and click edit (top right)
      Step2-In top right 2 buttons will come up. External and Back.
      Step3-Click on external and type in the IP and Port above.
      Step4-Click add server and it will pop up in your worlds list.
      Step5-Click on it. (If it doesnt work first time try again. If it doesnt work the server might be full or offline so try again later).
      I hope this was clear enough! : )
      If u have any questions write them down.
      HAVE FUN!!!!

      • FluffyBunnie

        Hi, um when i got into the world it said: you need to log in first. So i typed in /register and then my password. Then it said you need to athenticate your account first or something similar to that. How do you authenticate it?

    • zodpoolx

      Guy those server is soo cool but we have 40 player max and usually it’s offline

    • zodpoolx

      The old server
      Better that those new one

    • Marcus Brady

      How do u download


    • liam

      Whats the address

    • MinecraftSAM

      What’s the password

      • 488818

        You go to the text window type in
        /register and then whatever password you want

        • MichiLee

          Hi blade..can i ask one question?? How to register??

      • XxCoolGamerxX

        Any password

    • Rubeline09

      Just wondering what type of server is it,never been on it so just wondering. Im looking for a creative building one,if any of u guys know one,plz tell me

    • Xander Maxwell

      how do i register

    • 5858E

      It wasn’t letting on

    • cookiezninja

      Please ban DDorry cuz she keeps on killing us and she claimed the land our faction was going to claim just before we could

      • cookiezninja

        And now it wont let me join D:< pls help i loves this server

        • cookiezninja

          Nvm i think we r all good now xD

    • sasha


    • JonnyIngbretson

      I don’t understand the factions thing on these servers.

    • roroRules

      How do I join the server

    • bustone79

      Hey Minecraft Sam what’s the server name

    • Esteban

      Im mexican I don’t know a lot of inglish

    • Esteban

      Im mexican I don’t know a lot of inglish

    • Esteban

      Im mexican I don’t know a lot of inglish

    • Bossdood

      Nexus on!!!

    • Bossdood

      I can’t join

    • Bossdood

      Plzzz help the server is full :(

    • Bossdood

      Serve fulll

    • Unicorn Cat

      I don’t Get This.

    • saul

      I can join

    • vonjoshualim

      I can’t join how

    • vonjoshualim

      They said I’m disconnected

    • TopNotch


    • TopNotch

      Working on 0.11.1

    • TopNotch


    • TopNotch

      We Are On Twitter: twitter.com/user/@mojang

    • TopNotch

      Twitter: twitter.com/user/@Mojang
      Facebook: Facebook.com/user/@Mojang

    • TopNotch

      Mojang Office Sweden

    • TopNotch

      Message us anytime you want even me on mcpeuniverse.com

      • ShaneCraftFTW

        It would be really good if you were actually worked for Mojang…

        • DarknessIron

          I do bruh lol for 4 years!

          • ShaneCraftFTW

            Oh I’m sorry then… I wanna believe you but I can’t.

    • kryskrys

      Uhhhh HELP

    • Alpal

      Is liking a server the same as voting for it

      • ShaneCraftFTW

        It helps tell other people how good the server is.

    • jcdeleon

      Pls help me im new here my problem is im stuck on”locating server” pls help

      • ShaneCraftFTW

        Try installing your Minecraft?

      • Zac

        Your not connect to wifi

    • JamesPlaysMCPE

      Hello I’m love this server best faction server ever can I be op pls cause I think I know u Dunbar my name is JamesPlaysMCPE thank you

    • Gamer181

      I cant join the sever it loads but at the end it stop help please

      • Zac

        Maybe your not connect to WiFi or server full

    • Daley

      how do I find my verification code

      • Zac

        Can not

    • Taje Johnson

      I can’t join

    • Nater12

      How do I authorize login

      • Zac


    • XxC0DYxX

      You need to add more spaces for more players it’s always full

    • JesterCrucifix

      so I’ve read and tried doing /register then input a password and hasn’t done anything for me. I need some help to get in pls.

    • Jaimee Andeng Pelagio

      I dont know how to join

    • Ethangagebrown

      Whats thw server?

    • ryan

      what is the pasword

      • Zac

        You make password by yourself, whatever you want

    • trai

      What’s the IP??

    • Orangeburg

      Dose any1 know how to verify because every time I resend the code it never appears in ANY OF MY FOLDERS!

    • spiros

      Please help me it says I I am offline when I have internet

      • Zac

        Must conet to wifi

    • drakost

      I want join ok

    • drakost

      Please :-)

    • drakost

      What is the name

      • Zac

        You can type any name

    • domanic

      How do you create a faction

      • Zac

        /f create {your faction name}

    • 1065Skipper

      Info on all the latest news on MCPE, check out this website.

      It has stuff like cool maps, glitches, seeds, and news on Update 0.12.0! Here’s the website link, allaboutmcpe.wordpress.com.

      If you want news on Build 4 of Update 0.12.0, like what the changelog is for Build 4 and how to join the beta build, check out this link.


      I checked out both the links, and they are pretty awesome, so check them out.

    • zlolkill95s

      Um guys how to join battles?

    • Ayisy Syafi

      Can i join

    • Zoo.m


    • alesend

      How do get onto the sever

    • jjuliea

      I can’t join

    • Builderguy95

      How do u make 12.0 servers on pocket mine

    • KyTDM123

      When will this be online again

    • KyTDM123

      How do verify your account

      • Zac

        /login {your password}

    • Marc Doel

      How you register ur instructions are useless

      • Zac

        /register {your password}

    • liam

      how do you download this server

    • liam

      I am banned please let me in

      • Zac


    • Mcbilder

      Wonder how fun this server is

    • Zac

      Can anyone tell me the [FactionPro] commend thingy, If I use calim land, how is the area of that claimed land, and if I stand in middle of a block or stand between 2 block or between 4blocks, will there have a difference?

    • LukasPvP

      Hilfe wie kann man sich in der list eintragen

    • TLKRED75

      So do we just put our mope password in?

    • TLKRED75

      Mcpe I mean

    • 420Taylor

      i have a register but i cat join ??

      • Minecraftcat67

        Me neather

    • 420Taylor

      I have a register but how do i join ??

    • Jonah Collyer

      It said I’m banned
      Even though I’ve never played on it

    • BreakingMadly

      My name is BreakingMadly I liked and my i commented make me op please

    • BreakingMadly

      My name is BreakingMadly please make me op I liked server as well

    • Gamerkyd10

      can i have staff my username is Gamerkyd10

    • Xpert GAMER

      I can’t join what skin are u all using they telling me invalid or corupt skin-

    • Angeliawidjaja

      Hey, i’d like to join your server. I want to be a builder, i’m 14 and i’m Indonesian. Please reply me if you accept me. Thank you: )

    • XxCoolGamerxX

      How can I search a texture pack?