World Edit (make big structures in just minutes with two simple items)make a city in days!!!!

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Welcome to another mod “World Edit”

-Are you tired of building so slow?….then this mod is for you, you can build huge structures in minutes and even second , there is only two items the world edit itam and the block selector, use the world edit item to choose the positions, then use the block selector to choose the block u want


If I see suport on this mod I’ll try to make it just like pc, and like all my other mods the download link is to support my self, and you as a modder will understand me and if you are not a modder hoppefully you will too

if do a review plz dont put direct links put the link from this website, Thank you -Juan Zavala(Thatbadassguy)

the awsome mod I promised you guys will come out tomorrow or next week thx for being patient and enjoy the mod.

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