Dubstep Guns Mod For Minecraft PE 0.15.6, 0.15.4, 0.15.3, 0.14.3

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You’re a fan of dubstep and you like explosive guns? Excellent! Here are the Dubstep Guns mod, which adds in the world Minecraft Pocket Edition dubstep gun. After you activate the weapons, the music starts playing and every few seconds it will be produced explosions with activated weapons. Dubstep weapon will destroy everything in its path wherever you look in the literal sense, so be careful when you look at his feet! How to use a weapon? When you enter the game, you will see a new button that will appear on the right side of the screen. This button is used to activate new weapons. But before you press the activation button you need to make yourself weapons, at least one of them. These weapons you can take in the inventory of creative mode, using the Toolbox or do it themselves with improvised means in a survival mode. Whenever you click activation (“ACTIVATE”) the weapon starts to shoot and it automatically started a dubstep track that will repeat repeatedly until the weapon is activated. When you hold (the”Dubstep Gun”) or (“Dubstep Cannon”), they will produce a shot every 1-2 seconds. You will not be protected from explosions, so you have to wear good armor to not die or use some of the fluff is only in creative mode, where you can not afford to hurt.