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Coming at you with another great minigame! 


In this exciting map you will spawn in at a game hub 

where there is only one button to get it all started.

After that each player/team walks through seperate

portals to be taken to the game start position.

Once on the ship you will periodically be given 

throwable tnt and less often givin jump boost. 

You must be careful not to fall overboard or have 

your ship destroyed first because you cannot 

survive the water without it!


When a player dies they will be put into a 

spectators position. There you will be able to watch

the rest of the game play out. There will also be a

button there but do not press it until the game is

over and someone has won. 


This map was designed to work with all devices at

low as 4 chunks but I recommend at least 8. We’ve 

provided the world in both mcworld and zip form.

We’ve also provided you with our addon in both zip

and mcaddon form to enjoy in your own worlds.


disclaimer: please do not reupload our works 

without using our original links and credit to







addon zip:

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