Underwater Survival 1.1

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The year… 2125. Global Warming has change the world. Cities have flooded. Forests are burnt to a crisp. People have resulted to living in flooded parts of the world as they have no where to go… The U.S. Government has sent you on a mission to do research on a flooded forest.  You are left with a few resources. Your mission is to not only do research but survive, build a city, and repopulate the area. The government needs your help and you are the last resort…


1. New structures, missions, and goals will be added

2. This map is for 1-3 people to play or more of you can get a bed

2. If you have any suggestions, drop a comment in the comments section.

3. If you are going to make a YouTube video on this, post a link to this post.

4. I will post any YouTube let’s plays if you just let me know ;)

5. I wanna see them screenshots of your finished or almost finished project!

6. Have fun!

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Goals and Challenges:

Get wood- if you know what i mean Posted Image

Build a city- moar pigs!

Build a farm-both animal and crop, harness the power of nature!

Build a mob farm- skelebums are very useful!

Build a tree farm- no more going outside… yet!

Diamonds!!!- better, faster, stronger!

Build a better base- perfection! MUAH!

Build a roller coaster- Weeee!!! Wah! Wah! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Get all types of trees- Earth Song by MJ is very good! WOOOOAHAHAHAHHA


New structures:

Shipwrecks, sponges, and castle!

Replaced lapis ore with lava- don’t dig straight down!!!

Changed bonus ores with lapis ore

Buried Treasure!

Old Version (1.0)






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