Tropical Island – by madtin

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Tropical Island

by madtin


Hey guys, its me again with another cool
custom map.
The map is an island with 3 ships one small,
one medium and one big.
I wanna thank
for helping me out with this epic ships.
Pls give the post a “like”
I’d be very happy about that. ;)


(for daily snapshots/updates of my builds)


I hope you will enjoy the map :)



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  • drag

    yhe ship is the best in the worls

    • Madtin | Builder


  • drag

    the not yhe

    • Madtin | Builder

      thx and i also builded the ship i just got help

  • LUCASB276

    Awsome!!!I wish that was a seed xD

    • Madtin | Builder

      yea that would be cool

  • MoshiMonsterStar

    make it survival

    • Madtin | Builder

      why should I?
      its a custom map it should be creative
      and btw you can also change it yourself ;)

    • MrJoeyGamez

      change the game-mode yourself you tool this is a good map

      • Madtin | Builder

        thx allot

  • Li Koong

    BEST. Keep porting! We wanna see more!

    • Madtin | Builder

      I dont port i build this shit myself but anyway thx

      • Li Koong

        Lol. It’s not shit, it’s epic shit! haha

        • Madtin | Builder

          haha :) ok i half port it i do the terraform on a pc but all other stuff i am building myself

  • ToolKix

    Looks really awesome! :D

    • Madtin | Builder

      thx :P

  • imNikkoTV

    I know it is a little late but hey, I’m going to do a review on it. :)

    • Madtin | Builder

      rly? cool!

  • jadenman1019

    nice map

    • Madtin | Builder



    love this map

  • BillyDilly

    If I Would Rank This Map This Is a 9/10

    • Madtin | Builder

      Well thats nice to hear

  • adriann3rrz11

    I changed it to survival myself it is fun to play just like you are stuck on an island

    • Madtin | Builder


  • ThePixaltedMiner

    Hey really amazing map absolutely loved it any ways I want to ask for a favor I have 0.8.0 beta and would love to turn your map into an amazing rollercoaster map and I just wanted to ask for permission first and I would give credit to you in the map please respond :)

    • Madtin | Builder

      yea sure go for it !!!

  • florianjansen

    I cant download it.
    please giv me a working link.
    the map looks really cool

  • SpaceKING

    Give me a working link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

  • Boomiebang

    DOESNT WORK!!!!!!

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