The Dark Pyramid

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The Dark Pyramid is an adventure map that I have been working on and have now completed. This is my first adventure map, feedback is appreciated. All rules and story line is in the map itself. If you are doing a YouTube video please give me credit. My YouTube channel is Enjoy!

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I am an MCPE YouTuber. I can port maps and i have made an adventure map called The Dark Pyramid.
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  • FrikiLookochon

    love it but i totally suck at parkour :(

    • SpiderEye1

      well i assure you all the parkour is possible lol

  • spl1tr

    Very good map for your first adventure map :) +1

  • JAAC14

    Not working on MCPE 0.9.0 IOS 7 :(
    *Please fix this problem*

    • SpiderEye1

      The map has been updated to fix the 0.9.0 bugs.

  • Beatrice

    How can i play it or how instal

  • Beatrice