super Craft Brothers 2.5

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This is the finished version of version 2.5 by Team Serperior! It has all new features, such as:


-6 NEW CLASSES, along with the previous 8, making the total 14 epic classes!

-A NEW battlefield by Tengus!


-Fixed Redstone Alternatives for choosing a class, to counter the block update bugs

-No multiplayer glitch!

-A fun tournament- type game to play with your friends!



Khooplah- Made the Village and Football Field Battlefields and class chooser/ classified the map
SHiftER2O- Made the Pyramid, Stronghold, and Swamp Battlefields
Sirius- Made the Nether Battlefield
XxHexEditorxX- Made the Candyland battlefield
RubenPE [Ex-member of Team Serperior]- Made the hallway system

Tengus- Made the Mansion battlefield

Serperior- Directed the project, classified the map


The original version is by Sethbling, for the PC Version of Minecraft, which you can find here:


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