Redstone Password Door Lock Mechanism

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Just another Mechanism but with a different pattern.

You need to unlock the door using the Password _____ and don’t worry, there’s a clue on signs ;)

Once you unlocked the door, you’re free to change gamemode and see the whole circuit :)

Pls Don’t cheat, Enjoy!

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I'm a simple coder, and a programmer.I'm also doing Custom GUI for MCPE(noobish way)I'm a Novice GamerI'm a friendly troller ;)
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    • butter man

      how do you edit the gui of mcpe can you pleas email me a 0.13.0 iron man gui like in iron man 3 with the helmet hud i would REALLY apreciate this u dont have to make a full on texture pack (but also send defaulte teture zip pleas)

      • XxCoderGamerxX

        I might try xD
        but I’m not sure if I can make it

        • butter man

          thank you oh btw i have a youtube channl its not popular but i do some online games i cant do mcpe (cant get screen rec. to work) so anyways here is a link to my channle:

          • Ebin

            Android or ios

            • butter man


            • Ebin

              You can use mobizen screen recorder

    • butterman45