Never-Ending Parkour Map [OVER AN HOUR OF JUMPING]

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This is a huge parkour map with 16 levels. The level do not necessarily get harder. This map will take over an hour to complete.

This is a parkour map for pro’s because it contains many difficult jumps that even the best struggle with. All of the jumps are possible though so do not tell me that they are not. This map takes around 20 minutes just to fly over.

Count how many times you fell and post here

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Please reply and give me feedback and how I could improve it for version 2 that will be released when I have enough ideas. Version 2 will contain improvements and also the 17th and 18th levels. (Melon and Diamond)
I can add in additional levels as well if you request any.

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      I fell 216 times.

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      Like How U Did With The “Never Ending” :)

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      WOW. Billy No.1! cOOL!

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      Cool map, gonna check it out later :D

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      Thanks guys

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      Ur Map is Getting Famous

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      Is this getting famous? I only have 1 famous map and that is on MC Forums