Mega Skyblock v4.0 (Levels Update)

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Hey guys welcome to Mega Skyblock v4.0!!!! This update had to be delayed because of bugs in map but its back here is what 4.0 brings : Slime and end island, new spawn room design, bug fixes and design fixes and easter egg hunt. Thats it for v4.0! Please send feedback good or bad and help me impove the map. The next version will be the last so see you later!

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Im am a prowd mcpe map creator!Maps I Made - Mega Skyblock v1.0 - 5.0My nickname is TGC or TheGamingCyclone.
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    • TGC123

      Hey guys hope you enjoyed v4.0 of Mega Skyblock! Please give feedback and ideas for the map! So I will see you guys in v5.0 (The Finale Update) byebye… P.s Please check out the community tap to talk about v5.0 and what should be fixed or added.

    • Anthony54444

      dude make it a .mcworld i can’t play it

      • TGC

        You have to extract it with a zip extracter app and put it in games/com.mojang/mcpeworld or mcworld then extract it there to make it a .mcworld file. :D