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Get ready for a Skyblock challenge Kidsource style! An epic challenge should always start like this one. Right from the start, you have the tools to not only survive, but thrive!

You’ll start the game with a game changing advantage…..a working cobblestone generator! That’s right, all the unlimited cobblestone you will ever need. You will hit the ground running……er…..building.

Oh, and did we mention….you’ll start with a house, bed, crafting table, furnace, and fully grown crops. No need to sweat the little things, you were born to build, and craft, and survive!

There are a total of four islands on this map, all situated high above the relentless void…..

We offer up two, yes two challenges. The first challenge: build your way to all the islands. The second challenge: build a skyblock city using your mad skills and unlimited resources.

You start with all the basics, so you can focus on the challenge. So let’s get going…no worries….oh, except maybe falling into the void.

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