Island of Awsomeness Halloween update

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This is a Update to the map Island of Awesomeness theme park Spooktobes is a type of event like Halloween Horror Night at Universal or  Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Our park has rides like The Transformers ride at Universal i live in Florida so im used to the names so i put them in. Spooktober Starts the first friday in october and ands Nov 2 Spooktober hours are 7:00-2:00 am

New since the first release:

New outside theather 

new Spooktober Sign

Additional info

Day park hours 9:00 am-6:00

Not all rides work but that can be fixed from the 0.8.0 with rails and carts

if you can swith to night time please do during spooktober

the park works on eastern time

im 10 so give me some credit

got ride,show,attractions ideas tell me in the comment and i might thing of it

Needs to be fix

entrance looks very ugly 

glass wall very ugly


Hope you like it i might put it on a server one day and HAVE A GREAT DAY AT  ISLAND OF AWESOMNESS!!

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  • kixhd

    Sounds cool! :D