Hidden Valley (Lots of Surprises)

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Beautiful world full of extreme mountains, waterfalls, lava falls, and floating monuments. But there are many secrets! Look for the hidden workshop and dungeon and hidden fortress with a huge vault, a walk-though aquarium, vegetable gardens, hidden portals to the Nether and the End, Nether roller coaster, and much more. Showcase for many of Trogdor312’s redstone creations: hidden staircase, 3×3 spiral door, hidden chest, hidden fireplace entrance, hidden waterfall door, hidden enchanting room, hidden nether portal, and more. .McWorld link:¬†https://www.dropbox.com/s/6c6iwfm7uqqy9jr/Hidden%20Valley.mcworld?dl=0

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      Need a hint to find the hidden fortress and hidden workshop? Head for the little waterfall and look for the button. Its all about the buttons.