Epicana 16

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Welcome my map of 2016. Epicana City has gotten an enormous update. 

Featuring – New schools, modern buildings (designed by me), Redesigns of some wooden buildings, Overhauled stadium, and a refurbished redstone transit line. Be sure to catch a few minecarts with chests roaming around on the wall transportation line, for they are filled with diamonds and useful materials. This city is perfect for a survival world. Discover a few mystery houses with questionable purposes.

Introducing Terrestia City: This brand new modern city is full of modern buildings all designed by me. Although only halfway done, it includes schools, apartments, stadiums, arenas, shops, a transit line connecting to Epicana, and an opera house.

Rule the People’s Republic of Epicana with an iron fist and entertain yourself by exploring what this nation has to offer.

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