Epican Republic v17

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Introducing the largest update to Epicana. ever. This update adds lots of new features such as a completely redone central business district with 6 new skyscrapers and a brand new apartment complex. The new tallest building now reaches the (old) height limit. The two mansions by Aparmentta Apartment Complex have been renovated into a bank and public library. The capitol building has completely new decoration on the interior. In addition, 2 brand new cities have been introduced, and are currently still under construction. This includes the city of Stone Cube(Keep going down Epicana Road towards Epicana stadium until you leave the main city) and an unnamed city with a gigantic stadium. This city only has the roads laid out so it isn’t much to see yet. Follow me to stay updated. In addition to all that, I have hidden a few¬†surprises in some buildings, including a superlaser and a few other things. Whether you explore this map with friends or by yourself, there are lots of things to do.


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      Thanks for 1500 downloads! It means a lot to me!