Endless Tunnel PVE Map by SL Studio

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Endless Tunnel for MCPE!!!

You need to fight mobs in the tunnel about 2000+blocks long!!!

8 different jobs:Warrior,Archer,Engineer,Black Mage,White Mage,Monk,Ninja,Summoner

More than 5 different stage:Corridor,Minecave,Forest,Dungeon,Nether and more!

Save House:Every time you finish one stage and arrive a save house,hit the villager in the hole to save your check point.

You can load your check point by using the railway at the spawn…Well,if you died.

Basic Rules:

1. play in hard mode.

2. 1~5 players.

3. don’t use mods,don’t cheat.

4. you can only choose one job,however you can change your job.

5. you can place blocks,you can only break the blocks that you placed.


  #You  may need to place torch beside the mobspawner.You can get more torch from the chest near the rail.

  #You can reversion your health,save check pointand change your job in the save house.

Have fun!!!

And good luck!!!


notice:this map is made by SL(Straight Lighting) Studio.It’s a studio in China.This map is from Baidu Forum

Post link on Baidu Forum: 《无尽的隧道》PE版 SL工作室

If you make a video of this awsome map,please leave a comment with the video.



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