Dyltroit City v7

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I’m looking for someone to review this map on YouTube, please leave a comment if you are interested!

Dyltroit is a city first created in MCPE v0.5.0, and has been worked on periodically ever since. The original city, Dyltroit, is the largest and most detailed. Clashville is a city Northwest of Dyltroit that is the second largest and it was started in August 2016. Mineapolis is the newest city in the world, located directly South of Dyltroit. In these cities you can find many secret places and easter eggs to discover. Have fun exploring!

This map is COPYRIGHTED any improper use/stealing of this map will NOT be tolerated. You may however use it for NON-PROFIT USE this means you can add on to it, and share it, just do not republish on sites where you earn money for mrdylanperson’s work.

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