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Hey guys Aalfaro5 here and I bring you the DanTDM lab which i will upgrade over the years. Dont take credit for my work and this is NOT A PORT. This map is based from the original DanTDM Lab.

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  • Aaron Pen

    Nice job!

    • unknwown

      I made
      Dan TDM Lab 1 done
      Dan TDM Lab 2 Done
      Dan TDM Lab 3 comin soon……
      All of them are different some have different cool feature

  • YummyCorn

    cool wonder how you know howda build it…

  • YummyCorn

    wait a min you cant make tryausauases laptop because you have no golden presureplate!

  • YummyCorn

    sry bad spelling :/

    • Aalfaro5

      I just did what i could and hint i look at his videos paused them and memorized them then built that part

  • YummyCorn

    oh ok maybe like yellow carpet may do fine

  • Erwin

    Hm is it for pe

  • Al

    How do you join it on PE

  • Al

    Will we be able to talk to trayaurus

  • Al

    Please tell me I really want to do what the diamond minecart does

  • SuperKitty MBB

    How can you download it? Or is there a seed? Please reply as soon as you can!

  • dylan

    Please make a new one with iorn colors when they happen

  • victor wilkes