Custom Water Park

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Custom Water Park is my 6th minecraft pocket edition map to complete, first to upload to MCPEUNIVERSE. Everything in this map is completely original. I have used MCPE since 0.1.3. I started out on an ipod touch 4, but now I use an iPhone 5, which works fantastic. Please enjoy, blow up, or do whatever you would like with this map :) My only rule is to not to claim my map as your own. There is also more information on the “sign by the road” on the map.

If you have questions, comments, anything, email me at [email protected] If you would like me to custom build a map, edit a map, build, or destroy anything for you, let me know. The funds towards realm servers for my maps.

My next map, a custom town center, should be up soon, along with a survival edition of this map. After that, expect a full city with indoor sports arena, and a walking dead atlanta map :)


Gamecenter: xPoizon

email: [email protected]

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  • agamer 1232

    Yay fun map

    • destiny

      How do you download

  • crismc24

    I love this map

  • xpoizon

    Thank you! @agamer 1232 and @crismc24

  • portalcraftman

    How do i download?

  • epixflash


  • madtin

    This looks very funny i will 100% download this map

  • skataa2626

    hi, i was wondering how do u make a download link and what does url mean im just trying to post a adventeure map thx

  • Annie

    What’s the seed?

    • xpoizon

      I’m not sure, but you can download it, and when you open up the world selected in mcpe, hit edit, and it will tell you the seed!

  • kixhd

    Looks amazing!!!!!!!! :D Keep up the great work!

  • joshmunsayac

    how to download it

  • XProGaming13

    Wrong Download

  • Yaghster

    How do u download it

  • Isaac

    Its easy just download the chunks, level, entities, and the level old then move it to your desktop then make a folder name it water park then move it the chunks, levels, and entities in that folder then plug your android in to your computer open the files then open the folder named games then click on com.mojang then open minecraft pe worlds then it should show all your worlds then move the folder you named water park in to it but when your putting it in move on to the side or else you’ll mess up

    • Cross Dev

      Er…you must not believe in ES File Explorer huh? Its WAAAY easier than the transferring on PC and all is done on the android.

  • Cross Dev

    Awesome map! But trust me do not use the 0.8.0 Beta on Android as I did. Signs don’t appear, lots of lag, minor graphical issues. But at least you get trains, flint and steel and pumpkins on creative. Lots more as well. No beta for iPhones, iPods or iPads as its “impossible” to install apps not from the App Store.

  • GreenyBikerz

    how to download mcpeuniverse?

  • Mohd Hariz Hakim

    How to download

  • Ahmed Reyan

    How to download and make it work

  • StarGirlKawaii

    I’m Gonna Download This Map Right Now!!!