Custom Water Park

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Custom Water Park is my 6th minecraft pocket edition map to complete, first to upload to MCPEUNIVERSE. Everything in this map is completely original. I have used MCPE since 0.1.3. I started out on an ipod touch 4, but now I use an iPhone 5, which works fantastic. Please enjoy, blow up, or do whatever you would like with this map :) My only rule is to not to claim my map as your own. There is also more information on the “sign by the road” on the map.

If you have questions, comments, anything, email me at [email protected] If you would like me to custom build a map, edit a map, build, or destroy anything for you, let me know. The funds towards realm servers for my maps.

My next map, a custom town center, should be up soon, along with a survival edition of this map. After that, expect a full city with indoor sports arena, and a walking dead atlanta map :)


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email: [email protected]

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