Boardwalk Carnival

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A hand built in mcpe boardwalk carnival with rides and attractions! features: bumper cars, pirate ship, beach, food, water slide, ferris wheel, petting zoo, animal carousel, double dugeon tavern, adventure island and bar, dunk tank, strength hammer game, and so much more!


!!!!!MUST READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!!!!!!! (you must create a creative world named boardwalk carnival then when you are done with that, download the file and select the two items. then you need to paste them into the world you created. it will ask you to overwrite them say yes)


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    • mrjoeygamez is a little video review i did on my map

    • billydilly

      Nice Like The Ferris Wheel

    • kixhd

      Nice map :)Hope to see more maps by you in future!

      • mrjoeygamez

        thank you

    • koongli48

      I am just amazed. This is awesome. You know, awesome!!!

    • xxfirecharge


    • xxfirecharge


      • mrjoeygamez

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    • Ashley-heart

      i love it :)

    • johnnyM93

      amazing dude

    • gamergirl119

      i love your map it is AMAZING

    • kixhd

      The ferris wheel is really cool, so much details!:D

    • endo

      so cool

    • mcpename

      This is a awesome map!

    • crisisrevolution

      THAT IS GREAT DUDE!!!! Good job

    • AlbertNyan.

      This awesome

    • redchapmc

      Nice map i should prefer to download and play it to everyone
      Btw you can make of this map a hungergames map asswell

    • darksword123456

      nice map

    • koongli48

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    • kixhd

      Wow! Congratz on the map being the top rated! :D

    • arnperk43

      Has any of you downloaded this yet.

      • mrjoeygamez

        read description to know how to

    • kixhd

      Making a map review of this on my channel :)

    • lucasb-276

      JFM did a map review!!!!!!!!!!

    • lancebr0

      nubby question here, but i have no idea what you mean by create a creative map called boardwalk carnival, because i tried creating one but it was to long. sorry 4 the nooby question :$

      • MrJoeyGamez

        name it whatever it works

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    • Santiago G. Vega Argaez

      I like it but it burned! :(

      • MrJoeyGamez

        Omg i know dude they updated fire mechanics but in my new update i fixed it to get the new update just click the download link i updated it theres a video i made

        • benwestfork

          Great.. But I no longer can be installed on 0.9.x because there’s no level.DAT file… Please update!

    • benwestfork

      Doesn’t work on 0.9.x because there’s no level.DAT file.. Please update!

    • liliyakempel

      Карта загорается

    • Lilrein

      I’ve done all the steps but I didn’t find the carnival on my world :(

    • FFGREE01

      When I was exploring the world I noticed a huge fire and then noticed lava coming out of the mossy cobblestone building. I think that’s what started the fire.