BASE 084 PVE Mini-Game(0.9.x)for1~10players

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Fight endless mobs in Base 084!

PVE Mini-Game map,made by Newbieslll.My first PVE map!

STROY LINE(you can read it inside the map):

You are an Agent form FBI.Your name is Under Work.You and your team have been sent to investigate Base 084–it has just lost contact with HQ.

It seem is a easy mission.But…………


1)Play in hard mode.

2)Don’t use mods,don’t cheat.

3)Don’t break blocks

4)You can play with your friends


1)You can set the game more hard by activate three storage in the base,break the glass in the corridor to start game and activate the storage.

2)There are some skeleton spawner on the ground and some spider spawner on the ceiling.Watch out your head!I also put some zombie spawner in the storage.

3)The room with cakes in your supply car.You’ll got plenty of food,armour,weapon and many extra things there.



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I come form China.My English is not very good,but I can make some cool maps.
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      Leave a comment plz!

    • Newbieslll

      No one leave comment?

    • Ace12345

      I will and cool map and make it with levels the arena gets smaller when u battle

      • Newbieslll

        That’s a cool idea