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Here’s a repost of all my custom maps so far :) with more information about the maps and more pics ( sorry if there’s not a lot more info for your likings just download the map if you think it’s good :)  :) please go subscribe to laino4664 on YouTube so I can do more maps and I make mcpe videos :) the download link is my channel link cause all of the links are in the description cause there’s 12 maps , sorry if you don’t like how I did it will all the links in one post but I don’t have time to post all of the maps separate :) hope you enjoy the maps I made :) also sorry there are no video links cause I don’t have time to link them in cause I’m busy , if you wanna see the videos on it search them on micla64i YouTube channel and laino4664 channel there both me :) also just search the map titles on minecraft forums and go on the ones made by me if you want rules :)  MY CUSTOM MINECRAFT PE MAP – HOT FOOT it is a mcpe version of rooster teeths hot foot custom made for mcpe by me :) – Parkour map, it’s a Parkour map I made , one way u need the sprinting mod which is not for 0.7.2 :/ but there is a non sprinting way :)  – modded skyblock , it’s a modded sky block made by me , with more stuff and more islands and it’s a lot funner then the original :)  – my hunger games map, my hunger games map I made , it’s In a  dome and all the chest are full of items so u don’t have to do it and it’s for 8 players :) its small but good size :) – my main survival map my main survival map I have in mcpe what has heaps of diamonds and heaps of other hacked in stuff :) – the escape , It is a kinda long map , with redstone alternatives but sorry if some don’t work cause of 0.7.2 :/ but it’s still a fun map :) – cod zombie map a custom mob arena , like a custom cod zombies map :) idea from nbvcxminecraft , it has 2 mob spawners so maybe wait a bit for mobs to spawn :) -escapepe , this is a custom map where u have to escape :) I tried making it like escape craft but I made it when 0.4.1 I was out I think so theres not much stuff :) – cave game all you have to do is get to the other side and back :) sorry there’s no armor cause there wasn’t any when I made it :p – block quest You have to get your blocks back :) so u have to find them while passing Challenging stuff :) – Mario craft this is a Mario custom map for mcpe with 8 I think levels and there long including water, snow , sand and many more level themed levels from Mario :) also collect the gold for points haunted This is a haunted house what you need to try find the signs , it’s a hard map to find them cause I made them hard to find so think hard about trying to find them :) there’s 10 chest with a sign in them :) also shnungames played ( I think that’s his YouTube name :) ( also make shore you locate the fire pLaces (lava ) cause it makes it burn down )

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I'm a mcpe YouTuber :) I also map epic mcpe maps :) please subscribe to me I do videos on mcpe
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