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The evil ace has terrorized the city. Its up to you, the real  Ace to destroy the huge boss and save the city and its residence. Will you save the people and the city or will you die trying?  Now its your chance to save everyone so download the map and beat the evil AceCfraftGaming!


Pease Note: Sorry if some things were not as detailed as you imagined. It was a sort of a rush and struggle to make the map as I had to make the map before 0.8.0. unfortunetly I didnt make it in time and my whole map caught on fire. Luckly i fixed it but it was a real pain because of the 0.8.0 glitch that burned half of my map. I will be making more boss fight maps hopefully so stay tuned for that. If you want to check out Aces channel the link is here



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I am a minecraft pe builder that makes maps
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    • rubikcubezzz

      oh yeah and i almost forgot big thanks to billydilly and LIlhurkgamer.

      • Hasan

        how do i download this?

    • Serperior

      Sweeeeet downloading right now!

    • Mell_Gibson

      looks sexy ;)… I wonder what would happen if ace killed the boss….

    • PixelatedBuilder

      im about to record this