7Waves (Update v2) By L0RD_CR4FT3R

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you want to test your skills as a fighter in survival mode? You think you can take it with hard-hitting monsters? Then this map game is just right for you: 7Waves

Fight your way through 7 waves and survive the game, or join 4 other players and finish the monsters!



Weapons without end! After completion of the 3rd and 5th waves, you even get new weapons unlocked!


Send peasants to death, you can use 5 villagers as a shield!


IronGolems! Get help with up to 3 golems if you fight alone!


Intelligent Redstone circuitry!


Rules of the map you find when you spawn in the game!



Make a video!

You are allowed to make videos of the map, just do not forget: write my name who created the map: L0RD_CR4FT3R

update v2 the map “7waves by L0RD_CR4FT3R”


New Features: 


- Sand-partition has been removed. 


- The field of spawn point where monster be generated, was so improved, so that all monsters are generated, and not so, so some in the Wall / ceiling stuck and choke. 


- A scoreboard from seven Redstone lamps was installed, to see the already completed waves 


- the Return way on the Arena is no longer used, door to the “EXIT” Floor opens only after 7th wave, when pressing of the second button front by the monster spawn point.


(Sorry for the Bad writed Text, it was Translated from German to Englisch!)

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Creator of Craftmania Project and the ''Titanic Series'' Maps.I Live in Berlin, Germany.
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