How To Install Texture Packs

How To Install Texture Packs on iOS and Android

iOS Non-Jailbreak

1- Software you will need:
iFunBox or iExplorer
iPhone Configuration Utility
WinRAR or any File or ZIP Viewer
2- Go to iTunes and get a version of MCPE that you are using currently. Once you get it, drag it from the iTunes apps, to your desktop and it should be a .IPA file.
3- Now download a texture pack from the site and extract it into a folder from a ZIP.
4- After that, drag and drop the .IPA into the WinRAR or any other file/zip viewer. Once there open ‘Payload’ and then go to
5- Now copy and paste all the texture files you want into the and copy and replace all. Now close (you may or may not need to save).
6- Now get the iPhoneConfiguration Utility and install that. Now drag the .IPA into the ‘Applications’ top area in the running app.
7- A item called minecraftpe with the update it will work with. Now go into ‘Devices’ and go to the applications tab and uninstall minecraftpe and reinstall it.
NOTE: Make sure you have your Device plugged in, and be sure to back up your maps since it will return your MCPE to new as it was deleted and downloaded from the device.

iOS Jailbreak

1- Software you will need:
iFile (Cydia Default Repo)
Safari Download Manager/Any Downloader
2- First get a texture file with the downloader and choose to ‘Open w/ iFile’.
3- Once in there choose extract all files/folders.
4- Then hold down in the folder and choose ‘Select All’. Then go to The bottom right, and choose Copy/Link.
5- Then go to the home with the home button in the app and from there choose Applications and find the one labled Minecraft PE. The from there go to and choose to paste all the files. Then delete the app from the multitasking menu, and your texture pack should Be awaiting you in the app.

Android UnRooted

1- Software you will need:
Block Launcher
Astro File Manager/Any File Manager
2- Download a MCPE texture pack file. Go to ‘Download’ in the file manager. And choose to extract files here.
3- Now go into Block Launcher and go to the Settings from the tool wrench.
4- Choose to ‘Use Texture Pack’ and go to the Downloads and get the folder and click it and you should be able to use it!