How To Install Mods


How to Install Mods! :)
This is for iOS only.
Jailbreak will always be required, please do not bug the modders to make mods for non-jailbroken devices.

If the mod is a .deb (Which is most likely a .dylib+.plist) Please use Method 1.
If the mod is a ModScript please use Method 2.

Method 1:

If the mod link is a cydia repo,  please enter that repo into Cydia. Then look for the mod in that repo and install.
If the mod link is a download link to a .deb file… You will need iFile to install this mod. First download the file on your device. Then Open up iFile and go to the directory where you downloaded the file. Tap on the deb and tap “Installer” then wait for the installation to finish and press done. Re-spring (or just reboot if you don’t know how) and your finished!

Method 2:

Please visit this link for a tutorial from the creator of ModPE Script.

Tutorial credit to WorldofGamingTV


How To Install ModPE Script Mods

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